So you think you’re good at social, huh?

If I had a dollar for every brand who thinks they have social sorted and finds, by using BrandData, that they are not so hot after all, I’d be in Chanel this afternoon. It’s a funny thing, these uber intelligent marketers who look at numbers less than effect. “5,000 new followers, AWESOMELINESS.” But how awesome is that when only 2 are actually interacting with the brand. From charities to footy teams, telecom to bloggers, flavoured milks to lipsticks; it’s those brands who partake in an ongoing conversation, those brands who really deliver engaging verse, those brands that compel action through digital, that are the ones that are winning. BrandData tells us it’s Beyond Blue, Collingwood, Optus, Shinebythree, Icebreak and NARS who are doing it well. But who else is out of 5,300 brands on the system? So go on, have a look at the good, the bad and the ugly brands on BrandData and maybe you will surprise yourself at actually how good you really are……

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