As someone who spends their days manipulating things onscreen, I can go weeks without picking up a pen and physically writing something down. Typography plays a huge role in my work, but my own lettering is without purpose. Long ago I switched out pen and ink for the digital stylus, which transforms my careless loops and strokes into smooth paths. Creating logos, patterns, and shapes is a crucial part of the work designers do, but when I put the stylus down, my own writing has deteriorated.

Sitting down to pen a handwritten letter to someone recently, I was ashamed of…

Fueled business cards are always a topic for discussion when handed out at events and conferences. Why? Well to start with they’re square to match perfectly with our primary brand logo. They are made with high quality 270gsm Colorplan stock (totaling 810gsm) as they are also triplex (red/white/red), and foil blocked on both sides. They feel good to hold, subsized to compensate the weight and easily fit in a standard wallet. (They also make great espresso coasters.)

Square cards were not new when we designed ours, but they were not particularly common. However with now releasing its square card…

I recently tasked myself and the design team at Fueled with a workshop and mini brief to come up with a completely new take on the visual representation of Email.

This article covers my own views and vision from the brief.

Firstly, some rationale

Email as a form of conversing has become a relatively archaic system. It is clunky, limiting in so many factors, and is being replaced by a host of modern day alternative tools that help improve collaboration, transparency and tracking of content.

We at Fueled have banned email from all internal team communication. …

The Future of App Design.

A few days ago we saw the launch of the new iPhone 6, 6+ and of course the reveal of the Watch.

These are all very exciting, both to the consumer market and to the teams of designers, developers and agencies working on innovative and forward thinking tech.

As those of you in the industry can attest to, the past few months have been all about the rumours and chatter of possible device size options, resolution changes, varied screen ratios and so on.

To Commit, or Not to Commit.

Rumors lead to discussions and meetings about the best strategy for handling such radical changes if A

Something has been frustrating me for a while, and has recently been fueled by a host of excitable ‘top 40 of the greatest websites ever using this effect’ lists, promoting what is essentially false advertisement.

This gripe is to do with the erroneous application and misguided views of true parallax in web design.

The common misconception is shared amongst a few parties.

  • The creator (designer, developer, firm) who in some cases is to blame perhaps due to a lack of understanding on what parallax actually is, or maybe because they do not have the ability to implement it correctly, or…

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