Go Ahead. Retarget Me.

Late last night I started reading the Owen Wilson feature on Interview but quickly got tired and went to bed. Not that it was boring. It had just been a long day.

Next afternoon at work, I check personal email on my phone. Right at the top of my inbox is the Interview newsletter with the Owen Wilson feature!

Now. This was likely coincidence. Probably, I get the Interview newsletter every Thursday without realizing it, and if Owen Wilson was the feature interview, it makes sense that he’d be the first item in the newsletter.

But if it had been some kind of retargeting — that creeping practice of following users around the web with ads “relevant” to pages those same users had looked at prior — I would totally be OK with that. Because it’s content I was interested in but didn’t finish. In which case, this kind of “follow-up” email is actually a convenience.

If we are going to be creepy about it, this is the kind of creepy I’m OK with.