6 Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Printing and mailing services are great ways for companies to spread the word about their products. Direct mail campaigns can bring more traffic to a website and increase email sign-ups as well. Below, business owners can pick up some valuable tips that can keep their direct mailers from being tossed out with the junk mail.

Include the Right Information

To encourage recipients to give a mailer another look, give them something to look at. For instance, a real estate agent may send information on recent home sales in the neighborhood. With this bit of info, a person may pay more attention to the mailer and the company that sent it.

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Consider Personalized Mailers

Most people take notice when they see something with their name printed on it. Include a prospect’s name within the mailer and, if possible, include a promotion based on his or her purchase history.

Offer an Incentive

Recipients tend to respond to promotional codes and buy-one-get-one offers. If a company wants a higher response rate, incentives work well. For instance, insurers can offer portable coolers and other Branded promotional products to those who call or stop in for a quote.

Target the Audience

For a direct mail effort to be effective, the company must target its audience. Find people in the niche rather than mailing to everyone in a certain area. For example, a cruise line may target retirees with more free time. A company selling baby gear may send offers to those who subscribe to a parenting magazine.

Give Them Something to Keep

To put a company’s name at the top of customers’ minds, include a promotional item with the mailer. Good examples include sticky notes, refrigerator magnets, and other small items.

Combine Email and Direct Mail Marketing

After sending mailers, send a follow-up email. With a reminder email, companies can increase the campaign’s response rate. An email can also be sent before the mailers go out to let customers know when to expect the offer.

As with any marketing campaign, it is important for companies to evaluate a direct mail effort’s success. With this step, it’s easy to compare tactics to see which work best for the business.

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