Why You Should Be Implementing Twitter in Your Marketing Strategy
 and Corporate Video Production

Social video — which simply refers to videos posted on social media — has been a rising trend ever since popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat incorporated video hosting, streaming, and sharing on their individual platforms. Therefore it’s no surprise that social media marketing can integrate so seamlessly with video marketing. For companies looking to increase brand engagement through corporate video production and marketing, making Twitter a big part of your strategy may be your best move for 2017.

TWITTER: High Brand-Consumer Engagement

Twitter sees 800 million visitors a month, 82% of which actively engage with different brands on the platform itself. This is due largely to the fact that the messaging/posting system on Twitter is simple and easy to keep track of. In fact, 77% of Twitter users admit that they “feel more positive” about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to.

Because 80% of Twitter users mention a brand in a Tweet, studies show that 64% of users can actually influence the purchases of friends and family who follow them. Furthermore, the average Twitter user in 2015 followed at least five businesses, and a third of those Twitter users bought from a brand they openly followed.

Long story short, Twitter does well as a platform for customer-brand interaction. It allows for a higher level of engagement compared to other social media platforms, which is why most social media marketers would do well to include Twitter in their strategy. As far as the relation between videos on Twitter go, the numbers are also pretty impressive.

TWITTER VIDEOS: High Ad Retention and Brand Recall

According to Hubspot, videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos and three times more likely to be retweeted than GIFs. Ecommerce and corporate video production is not lost on Twitter, where brand and ad retention are at an all-time high. Over half the respondents on an AdWeek analysis were able to recall a video ad after only one second of viewing. Millennials in particular remember them because they personally feel their Twitter ads are relevant to them.

93% of Twitter ad views come from the mobile app, where they say ad recall is the highest; about 20% higher on Twitter compared to the “leading video platform” tested.

According to AdWeek, February of this year saw 31 million unique viewers tuning in to Twitter for various types of content. Twitter also experienced a 151% growth in ad engagement year over year during the fourth quarter. They attributed this to their shift to video ad impressions.

SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS: Optimizing Videos for Twitter

If your video marketing strategy now includes posting to Twitter — and judging from the numbers, it really should — then optimizing your video for this particular platform should be your major focus. There are several factors you’ll need to implement during your corporate video production to create Twitter-friendly variations of your marketing videos.

Merely uploading your video to YouTube or some other video hosting platform and then cross-posting or ‘sharing’ to other platforms isn’t going to cut it anymore. Different social media networks have different parameters for their videos; length, dimensions, and auto-play features, to name a few. Facebook, for instance, automatically mutes videos during auto-play. It also favors a slightly squarish video format that is more portrait than landscape, with average dimensions of about 470x264 pixels on computer screens and 560x315 on mobile.

For Twitter, your video’s aspect ratio should be between 1:3 and 3:1, and should not be more than 15 mb (sync) or 512 mb (async) in size. It shouldn’t be shorter than 0.5 seconds and cannot exceed 30 seconds (sync) or 140 seconds (async).

Technical aspects aside, AdWeek’s study revealed that showing people in the first few frames of a video could double viewer retention. Including the brand logo — which is a must in corporate video production anyway — in a video also increased purchasing intent by 9%. They also found that Twitter videos around a live event increased brand favorability by a whopping 63%.

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