What is Defi? And how can we capture the growth and grow with this new trend.

It’s called DeFi, short for decentralized finance — it’s a decentralized platform for entrepreneurs to create decentralized architectures for financial instruments. A good example is where users are able to “stake” / “lend” their digital assets in return for interest.

With the Federal Reserve “Brrrrrrrr” monetary policy, the faith in the USD dollar has plummeted. Over the past three months, the dollar has collapsed more than 10% over a basket of other currencies. Inflation is not coming, it is already here.

According to Defi Pulse, there is $5.86 billion dollar worth of digital asset also called Crypto in Defi. This trend will continue to grow as it is more efficient, transparent and most importantly 0 bias.

Now that we have understand the fundamentals and the trend. How can we capitalize the situation? I am glad you asked. I am not going to point you towards to ETH or BTC or Gold. These are well known and thus, the returns will not be as spectacular.

Here it is, are you ready?

UFC — https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/union-fair-coin/markets

According to their WP : they have recently announced break through in their cross chain technology. With the recent rise of Defi, more protocols will need to communicate with each other. And UFC will solve that underlying problem.What’s best about the timing, is that they recently launched their test net.

If you would like to test out their application and get rewarded while doing so ; please visit : https://www.ufc.today/view/testnet.html

Last but not least, they have recently been listed to a very popular exchange called “ZBG” which is a subsidiary of ZB. And, prices have skyrocketed 30%.

Analysts from Kroleo — A leading Web3.0 firm.
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