An acceleration and a slow down. Why, yes.

Many choices are being made for us these days in an effort to slow down the unprecedented COVID-19 that is casting a dark shadow on our country’s well-being and economic status. When this all began, I made a promise to myself to remain positive, operate with a high degree of empathy and never let down my “WOO”. Slowing down (which those who know me well know that this is something I don’t do well) is a time for strengthening at our core — mentally, professionally, physically and emotionally. This past week and a half, I’ve spent time slowing down in each area and reflecting on what I’ve learned:



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In our team huddle on Monday we talked about many different services and industries — restaurants, fitness studios, grocery, fashion, schools, religious communities, financial institutions, entertainment and the list could go on. In some ways, it’s easy to look at these shifts as temporary, but if the adoption curve is already over, we have to ask ourselves will we ever go back? While some behaviors may revert, it seems as though social distancing has forced change in an instant. How will brands respond? Are they willing to create a meaningful experience in this potentially lasting new normal? Who will consumers trust in this trying time? As brand stewards and authors of creativity, we see this as a positive injection forward. A genuine purpose is crucial, an understanding of evolving unmet needs and a strategy to digitally connect will test how brands flourish or fail. As fearless leaders at BrandFuel, these topics are critical for conversation and push us to continually evolve our strategy for creating brand experiences. How have changing behaviors impacted your strategy? Will this change create lasting impact?

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What a cluster, we accelerated and slowed down all at the same time. Change is inevitable and crafts the experiences that we love to hate and love to love often simultaneously or sequentially. Our team obsesses over the brands that shine in times of change, as if their purposes prepared them it. This acceleration is now our reality. Let’s continue the conversation, bring forth the support for each other and prepare for what is to come.

— Stephanie Wright, Owner & Managing Director, BrandFuel Co.

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