Consumer targets matter. Big, broad, demographic targets, nope. Pointed, insightful, psychographic targets that have clearly defined unmet needs, yes. They drive clarity for marketing, sales and design. The more focused, the stronger the loyalty and broader influence. We can all recall moments when we knew something was perfect for us (vs) times when a salesperson was working waaaayyy to hard to make a bad non-targeted sell. Our visceral emotions communicate whether or not a brand did their homework and understood who they should target.

When we first started working with Hoist, a hydration multiplying beverage, they initially admitted focusing on a narrow target without a true problem to solve — those experiencing a hangover. When have you said a night before drinking, “I really need something to hydrate me the next day.”? Crickets.

Instead, there was an opportunity to clearly define the strategic target in a concise and compelling way. Auditing the category and consumer landscape, we proposed an emerging segment we classified as the “Well-thy”, where they believed taking care of their bodies was an investment into their future. We flipped the switch from a reactive mindset, to one of pro-activity and positivity. Having nothing to do with total income, the “Well-thy” are dedicated to living right and only putting things into their body where they would have the greatest return. Plain water is simply not enough for them, nor are the plethora of sugary performance hydration choices.

A strong insight into this strategic targeted coupled with IRI data confirming size of prize has been the fuel for the Hoist re-brand. As you double click into the strategic target, you can start to see some of the prime prospects unfold — Hard-working Moms, Dedicated laborers, Military personnel, etc. As the category continues to grow with new entrants, we’re excited to see the growth of Hoist and applaud them for getting the fundamentals right for their brand.

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