Consumer targets matter. Big, broad, demographic targets, nope. Pointed, insightful, psychographic targets that have clearly defined unmet needs, yes. They drive clarity for marketing, sales and design. The more focused, the stronger the loyalty and broader influence. We can all recall moments when we knew something was perfect for us (vs) times when a salesperson was working waaaayyy to hard to make a bad non-targeted sell. Our visceral emotions communicate whether or not a brand did their homework and understood who they should target.

Lasting Change vs. Temporary Shifts

So much has been written about how consumer habits have changed since lockdowns began, and even more hypothesizing about what will stick post pandemic. What sticks will directly impact brands and how they continue to innovate, adapt, and drive relevancy with consumers. Here is what we know has changed for most consumers in quarantine:

Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash

Many choices are being made for us these days in an effort to slow down the unprecedented COVID-19 that is casting a dark shadow on our country’s well-being and economic status. When this all began, I made a promise to myself to remain positive, operate with a high degree of empathy and never let down my “WOO”. Slowing down (which those who know me well know that this is something I don’t do well) is a time for strengthening at our core — mentally, professionally, physically and emotionally. …

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