Drama: We All Love It!

Sometimes I think that us humans give drama a bum rap. We have all of these sayings and ideas that suggest that we do not care for it; that we wanna be “drama free”. We want “no more drama”. And of course, you can “save the drama for your mama!”. All we want is happiness and peace. Whenever I hear these or comments like these, I think to myself, “What a bunch of crap!”.

We love drama! We need drama! You never hear anyone complain about it until they are the center of it. That is just a part of the cycle of life. Eventually it will be your turn to be the main character in the stage show.

Why Do I Say The Humans “Love & Need” Drama?

Drama is the worlds most marketable product. We actually spend thousands of dollars a year to support our drama habit. Cable, internet, cellular phones (especially data overages), movies, books, even music are all forms of drama that we spend money on. Although I am sure that most people genuinely wish greatness for our fellow men and women, we want to hear about their bad times. We want to hear about the stupid thing that someone did or said. And we want to talk amongst each other about it. In a sadistic way, we are entertained by it. I’m sure that most people won’t want to admit this, but it’s very true.

We Even Entertain Ourselves With Our Own Dramatics…

When life becomes hard on us, we become the drama and begin to entertain ourselves. For instance: if one of us experience a string of unfortunate events that leaves us feeling defeated, we sometimes make a conscious decision to stay down about it and talk about it with every assumed listening ear. Or we vent on social media. As we talk more and more about the troubles that we are having we begin to embellish. Suddenly small dull events are being described as huge and exciting! Simple head colds are articulated as pneumonia, a stumped toe now requires a wheelchair. As this story is shared with the masses, people begin to feel sympathetic about the situation — for a while. Before long, the listening audience is now complaining amongst each other about our whining. Eventually it gets back us and we become so upset that we forget all about the ailment and take the farce to another level. This goes on until the issue takes on a new form and lands in someone else's life as an entirely new dramatization.

Even before going to family events, we pre-plan familial drama. In the days leading up and even on the drive to the event, we think about what uncle “So and so” will say to aunt “What’s her name” and how they will react to each other. On the way to work, our minds are set on what that annoying co worker is going to say to piss us off. We concentrate on things that have not happened and may not happen at all. There is a place inside of us that actually look forward to these productions. After all, these things will provide weeks of entertaining conversations.

Give Peace A Chance!

I don’t think we could handle peace for more than a couple of days at a time without becoming bored. Even in those couple of days we’d rely on manufactured drama like television or the internet. When we don’t have our own drama we adopt that of others. Reality TV and day and night time soap opera’s are huge because people have a very strong need for drama. What’s life without the occasional bump in the road? It’s part of the balance, a source of strength and at times, quite entertaining.

Is This Bad?

This does not have to be a bad thing. We are all guilty of this. What makes it bad is when a listening ear is listening maliciously and people get hurt, or we react to these situations in an uncivilized manner. It is also important to take extra care not to let the drama get so deeply into our psyches that we carry it all with us. Deal with the situation at hand and move on. There will never be a shortage of life’s theatrics. Carrying the same drama with us day after day will weigh us down and eventually, it has to be dumped somewhere. Usually when that happens, the vicious cycle repeats itself. Use the drama for what it is, and then let it go. But don’t deny that it is the worlds guilty pleasure.