Brandi Dye
Jan 28, 2016 · 2 min read

Does it matter who I side with?

According to, I should caucus for Bernie Sanders. I agree with his stances 98%. It kind of makes sense; he is a socialist democrat, I am a philosophical hippie. We go together. But I am not drinking the Sanders Kool-Aid (or eating the Sanders ice cream) quite yet.

The calculations done by tell me that I agree with Hillary Clinton 96% and Martin O’Malley 88%. These numbers are not completely accurate. If the website could not find the candidate’s particular stance on an issue, they calculated it as disagreement. That does not work in favor of candidates, like O’Malley, who have not gotten a lot of air time or press coverage and therefore have not had the opportunity to make all of their opinions known to the public. This website also is a bit outdated, they still have Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee listed as presidential candidates. Ha. At this point in campaign season all of the candidates have had more opportunities to state their viewpoints.

I finally have some strong ideas about who I am going to caucus for, but nothing is set in stone. Should I listen to this website? I let BuzzFeed quizzes determine most of my life, so why not another Internet quiz?

There is a very good chance that I am going to completely ignore what told me. I already knew that I probably agreed philosophically with Bernie Sanders views and opinions. He has been consistent for a really long time so it is not that hard to Google. Just because I agree with him does not mean I think he can win a general election or be an effective president.

My dream is a “you do you” type of government where politicians are not telling everyone what to do, and everyone is taken care of by their country, and America figures itself out before trying to save the rest of the world. Domestic policy is the single biggest influencer on my vote.

I want my domestic policies to protect those who need it, be implementable, and have a positive impact on people like me. Step two is where Sanders loses me. So I might side with Sanders, but I probably won’t caucus for him.

Brandi Dye

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I’m getting to learn all about the Iowa caucuses as a young black, female. I’m gonna write all about it. You should check it out.

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