Stop falling into the Dick-Sand trap!

Go buy a dildo instead.

I try my hardest to not see all men as untrustworthy sexual deviants, but time allows my subconscious mind to see it’s personal truth.

Men are savage, ratchet, and self-serving assholes.

That doesn’t take away from those men who are loyal, faithful and caring providers. *cough*


It does make it harder to decipher the two. I’ll give you all a few examples to catch my drift.

The Savage

  1. He’s compassionate, thoughtful, seemingly heartfelt and extremely generous of his assets.
  2. He is a complete gentleman to you, especially in front of other men.
  3. He listens to you enough to remember your favorite places, things, music, and food.
  4. He makes witty jokes about them to let you know he listens.
  5. He calls/texts you every morning/night and gets “upset” when he doesn’t hear from you.
  6. He makes you feel like the only woman in the world.
  7. He treats you like a girlfriend without ever having a conversation about a relationship.
  8. He has 2–5 other girls he does the same thing too.
  9. He thinks about fucking your best friend when y’all are still together in the same room.
  10. He attempts to fuck your Bestfriend one day when he’s drunk.
  11. He blames you for having friends that are sexually attractive to him.

The Ratchet

  1. You don’t like him at first, but then he grows onto you.
  2. He’ll do whatever it takes to sleep with you….and I mean anything.
  3. He watches porn more than he washes his hands.
  4. He’s extremely shallow and superficial when it comes to women.
  5. He buys clothing, cars, or house to make himself more desirable to women.
  6. He owns a back page account.
  7. He has an unhealthy addiction to strippers.
  8. You find panties in the middle of his bedroom floor, and makeup smudged on his pillows.
  9. He hasn’t kept count of how many times he’s cheated on you.
  10. He does one of these drugs: coke, pain pills, cigarettes, energy drinks, ecstasy.
  11. He swears that his dick game so proper that you will never leave him. *Side eye* it is not.

The self-serving asshole

  1. He’s extremely charming, handsome, and has a great sense of humor.
  2. He tries to sleep with you before taking you out on the first date, sometimes.
  3. He’s more than sure once Y’all sleep together he won’t have to put in much effort. Beware of dicksand!
  4. He takes you on a date to the movies, dinner, or event around town.
  5. He makes sure to always be on your good side.
  6. He showers you with compliments and gifts when you’re upset with him.
  7. He tells you he’s too busy to see you because he’s working, even when he’s not.
  8. He never answers the phone around you, and no he’s not being respectful.
  9. He avoids any conflict that could possibly happen, i.e. his other chick blowing up the phone.
  10. You catch him with another woman and he tells you to leave.
  11. He’s probably already made a hobby out of you, please don’t be his cigarette.

Now statistically speaking..

Most men possess some of the qualities of at least one of these stereotypes. Others encompass two or more qualities of these stereotypes. While the king pin of all fuckboys have the complete trifecta.

And I’m here to say, it hurts. Black men are quick to call black women bitter, angry, or crazy. Yet, they fail to accept the damage that they inherently caused. Our ancestors were raped, beaten, and forced to have sex with our own sons — hence the word mother fucker.

And still, black men won’t treat us right.

Again. I’m not saying this as an attack on all black men. I’m saying this for the ones who don’t see the damage that they leave in their wake of supplying good dick and pleasantries.

The ones that don’t see the residue associated with their errant ways.

The ones who are so self-serving of their own ego, they never stop to think about the precious, innocent, sweet woman that they are about to corrupt.

The ones that say they love their mother, but disrespect every other woman in a way their mothers will never approve.

The ones that leave emotional wounds deeper than the lashes on our ancestor's backs.

The ones that have yet to learn the value of loving a strong black woman.


Just because a woman says she understands doesn’t mean it’s okay to keep up with your trifling ways.


She understands because she’s seen it time and time again. She’s become accustomed to the pain associated, and honestly, no one should be conditioned to this form of treatment.

If you’re a woman and you’re relating to this (black or not), let that piece of wet dick go and buy yourself a dildo. They vibrate and can find your Gspot faster than that man of yours.

Let’s all be honest, we know you’ve faked it at least once.

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