5 Steps to Kick-Ass Engagement On Facebook
Patty Beach (The Pink Moonstone)

RE: 5 Steps to Kick-Ass Engagement On Facebook

Hey good post BUT you forgot to address some very important things that I think everyone needs to know about FB before attempting to market on Facebook.

The FB algorithm, and I am assuming your Medium Article was written about the biz page side of things is very sophisticated and complex.

The thing THAT is most important to know about it when marketing from a page is that the FB algorithm only shows your post organically to 2–3% of your following. To get over that hump WITHOUT promoting a post ( boosting it ) YOU NEED to get engagement.

Because the way the algorithm works is that it — helps you — by showing your post to the ppl who are most likely to engage first.

The 2–3% of your following who most interacted with your page.
If NOBODY has interacted with your page recently good luck. You won’t get reach. You probably will have to boost ( although their are some organic reach hacks you can use to increase you organic reach without paying )

The lovely thing is WHEN those people “bite” and engage your organic reach gradually goes up more and more.

Engagements, likes — comments-shares etc. 
ALL are vital to increasing who sees your posts.

Pages however, if you dont have someone managing the page and nurturing this engagement will and do die quickly because it is like “keeping the beach ball in the air” to work with the algorith,

FB — of course has some pretty great advertising tools / paid options to increase reach and promote content through targeting that you need to be familiar with as well. It is very hard to promote a page “organically”

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to add this in case you or any of your readers were not aware.

The basic fundamentals of FB advertising are routed in understanding the algorithm.

AND yes, having a strong content strategy will help — but you also need to have ppl interested in that content.