Thank you for your story, Brandilyn, and for keeping the can of worms open!!😊
Bob Stuart

Bob, thanks for your thoughtful response!

I think we are seeing the same things in our education system. Parent and student observations are an essential piece to the puzzle. There seems to be a silent war between teachers and parents where each party feels that the other doesn’t “get it”. The truth is that we need to start listening to and learning from one another in order to improve education.

It is unpopular to suggest that teachers shouldn’t be able to continue teaching if their students are not performing well. I don’t think that teachers who teach more challenging populations should be assessed based on the same criteria as teachers who do not, but I agree that we have to maintain some standards.

One of the problems is young people are going into debt earning a teaching degree, only to find that it is not something they are happy doing. They have to continue teaching because they have loans to pay back and a career change typically requires more education. That said, I’ve known teachers who are completely miserable and uninspired and I’ve met youth leaders and mentors who would be fantastic in a classroom. We have to work toward making teaching a desirable profession.

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