OK — so you acknowledge the current system is failing many students but you’re anti choice and anti…
Ross MacIntyre

Perhaps you should try asking questions without the sarcasm. I didn’t say that I was anti-choice. Parents have the right to choose the education that is best for their child. The option that is sponsored by the government is the public school system. Within that system school board members are locally elected. This is yet another opportunity for parents to exercise their right to choose.

Other options- Private school and homeschooling. I realize that these options are not possible for everyone. I believe that charter schools have a place, but they should be regulated the same way as public schools. They should also be run by members who are elected, not chosen by the organization that is sponsoring the school. I’ve seen this in action and it is a mess.

Competition- What I said is that people believe that if schools have to compete then they will all be better. That is simply not true. Schools that perform well aren’t doing so because of competition. Those schools have more support (financial, participation from parents) and they are serving significantly lower percentages of students with disabilities. So sure, I’m anti-competition because it is an ineffective and wasteful approach to education reform.

Here’s a crazy idea- how about instead of taking suggestions from politicians who have zero education experience we ask the teachers and administrators who work with our kids every day? Perhaps they would have some insight.

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