Beating the Trend: A Guide to Difference Making

Pattern Recognition (Patterns in this context could also mean templates)

Here at Brand Immersion, we have an unhealthy passion for pattern recognition. We advocate for exercises that increase situational awareness (an ad man’s loudest weapon). Being in the advertising world, we tend to be on the look a lot, we have become accustomed to looking outside the window of a building, moving car or train to spot 2 things:

  • A nice billboard location; or

The above two things as you can tell are very crucial to our job and services, that’s where patterns come in.

Patterns develop when one person or agency makes outstanding work that people feel they should or have to emulate to keep up. It starts with a beautiful piece of work that stands out within its field. It is then adopted as a concept by another industry within advertising before it comes back to the industry and is adopted as an industry standard.

Bear with me lets have a case study: the movie industry: when Marvel Comics made the Avengers in 2012 (group of superheroes), comic relief scenes were excellent, they then applied it to almost every other superhero comic movie they had lined up (Dead pool & Guardians e.t.c). Prior to this article DC Comics is about to release the Justice League (group of superheroes) and they too have taken to comic relief in their scenes(Competitor adopts it making it an industry standard).

Back to ads, it is very simple to spot a pattern on ads and that’s why before we execute on any brief we have a sit down as a team and evaluate the current space that the ad we are making is going to fill. The client’s wants then become the canvas and the acknowledgement of the ad’s space becomes the creative mind space we put ourselves into. The two should always guide you to finding the correct balance between finding what the client needs and what the audience needs to see to invoke a favorable call to action.

As an ad agency, it is your Duty, to make sure the result that your client gets out of you does the following:

  • Fits the client’s purpose,

Since the inception of this partnership(LLP), we have never been content with doing anything that looked familiar to anything else out there. Admittedly; this is very hard after all, everything is a remix but this means for us looking out the window from time to time, travelling on site to the actual place your ad is needed to place yourself in the best possible mindset of anyone who would interact with the piece becomes an actual requirement of the creative process.

Patterns show up over time and we tend to stick to them way longer than we need to because for some time it worked. Now patterns are in no way wrong, they do have their merits but should we hold on to them way too much and could this be the cue we need to finally let go?

To create the ‘best work’ you have to admit something came before your work, as reference you should look at that past work as things you need not do. Fine look closely at the principles, if it is the website look at the U.X, but that’s about it. We all have a trend & a style waiting inside us all, we just have to awaken it.

Don’t believe us yet,

How about now!!!! Study the above we would like to hear what you have to say.

Written by Ken K. Kinya Partner at Brand Immersion LLP.

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