Parker, Arizona

Where the movies are cheap and sometimes they’re free

Yesterday, Jim, Barb, and I loaded up and headed 40 miles North to the “big city” for some grocery shopping. Our quest for an old couch to complete the hillbilly livingroom led us to two thrift stores, neither of which had furniture, but one of which had free lunch and used clothes that were on the house.

After the smelly used shoe aisle at the hospital auxilary thrift store, Jim wasn’t intersted in the free lunch with complimentary shopping spree at St. Vincent de Paul. Instead, we headed to the “Blue Water” Casino for chow.

The sign outside the casino promised “Fun! Fun! Fun!” and between the surley hostess and the single kinfe as all the utensils provided for the three of us, we did have fun. Hamburgers and french fries are always fun plus where else can you can gamble, then jump on a waterslide- in the same room?

Kasino Kulture

The Colorado River Indian Tribes who run the Blue Water Casino include the Chemehuevi, the Hopi, the Navaho, and the Mohave Indians. We did not see any full face Mahave tattoos or Hopi buns, but many people look like they did 100 years ago, but in modern clothes.

Beautiful women of the CRIT

Another other attraction in Parker is the largest Japanese internment camp from WWII. Del Webb (yes, THE Del Webb who, today, houses our seniors in suburban tract homes) built the Poston Relocation Camp in 3 weeks, then Poston became the biggest city in Arizona. Many of the buildings are still in use today.

A Dell Webb Concentration Camp

Understanding the Del Webb concentration camp connection validates my fear of the suburbs, and makes the idillic Del Webb ads seem delightfully sinister.

And what about the the cheap or sometimes free movies? They’re at the casino. Movie and a waterside? Fun, fun, fun!

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