Why is Digital Signage a smart way of marketing?

Marshall McLuhan was correct when he coined the phrase “The medium is the message”. The medium of the message influences the way in which the message is perceived by people.
Gone are the days when people had to wait for days to get any information via the print media. Newspapers, magazines, newsletters, journals etc you name it, and it has become digital. Undoubtedly, today we live in a digital era. Everything has been digitized, the medium of the message itself has been digitized. Advertising is something which has been directly affected by digitization. There is tremendous competition to grab the customer’s attention. Having so many options in front of them, advertisements need to be eccentric to get noticed. Hence, companies should adopt unique ways to advertise their products or services.
Digital Signage is one of the best advertising tool for today’s time. Appealing creative images and taglines are bound to grab everyone’s attention. Digital Signage is one of the most adapted advertising tool due to its customer friendly approach. Digital signage which includes precise information and good web connectivity proves to be captivating. A high quality image and video quality has a huge impact on the viewers, thus increasing the company’s sales.
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