Work for your soul — The art of choosing clients

Book of Ideas — Chapter no.3

If you do unenjoyable work for unappreciative people you will end up doing more of the same for someone else. You can get caught up in a cycle of work that is no good to anyone. This is why choosing the right clients really matters.

When it comes to making decisions about new work and clients, there are a few simple questions which you should ask yourself in the following order:

Can you do your best work on this project?
Will you get on with these people?
Is this something you believe in?
Is the budget realistic?
Would you be happy to do this work again?

Whatever I do, I want it to be the best piece of work in my portfolio. I don’t believe in just doing mechanical work with no meaning. Creative work should be good for the soul. If I’m making a difference by helping a good cause or getting a new start-up off the ground then for me the budget is the least important thing.

Project briefs can be tempting. They can promise a lot, but they don’t always deliver as much as they claim. A big household brand is pretty much certain to get anyone they want as designers are queuing to tick off names on their ‘dream client’ list. For these clients, it’s easy.

Budgets can be even more tempting. It is easy to be seduced by big numbers, which can make your judgement fuzzy for a moment. However, when the project seems too good to be true, it pretty much always is.

There’s no easy way to get it right all the time. Choosing clients should be about the opportunities that will keep you on the right track. Just choose the work you want to do.

Work for your soul and success will follow.

Taken from Book of Ideas /