Don’t think about it, Be about it.

Action is a silly word, it’s a word that almost also connotes productivity.

This one word when used has changed the world. From the pyramids to the Louisiana purchase, these major historical events took action. May times people are waiting for the right time to “take action”. If the United States waited to for a better deal of the Louisiana purchase they may have in entirety missed the purchase. If they Egyptians waited till tomorrow to start construction on the pyramids they would have never been finished. In short, there is no good time to “take action”. We live on a world were time doesn’t stop, so if you are waiting then you are wasting.

Pick up a skill

Join a club

Play with your kids

Eat healthier

There are only 365 days in a year, and we may only live to 85. How may days do you want to pass you by? How may days do you want to regret?

Don’t just live your life, love your life.