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Kyrie is a PG that doesn’t know how to run a functional NBA offense, and is a Bottom 3 defender at his position.

He is also a HUGE shotmaker, and the most creative finisher in the league.

Honestly though, he’s only relevant because he’s on a team with Lebron James. Without James there to clean up so much for that team, having a zero-defense PG that can’t run the offense would be a non-starter. It was for years, albeit on a team with much lesser talent. The problem though, comes in when you try to envision scenarios in which his skillset would thrive. There are VERY few in the NBA.

He NEEDS somebody that can run point from the 2 or 3. The list that fills that need is already very short. Harden, Giannis, PG, Iggy.. maybe Jimmy Butler.. maybe Gordon Hayward. Not many more… and all to much lesser effect than Lebron.

He also needs a very strong defender at the 2, and another at the 3 (against most teams). This knocks out the Harden option completely… and makes the other options even harder to build around.

Kyrie is just very fortunate to be in Cleveland. I don’t see his shtick working on a team without Lebron.

And even the Finals.. I can only give so much credit.. He was the worst starting defender in the series, across both teams in terms of opponent’s FG%, and raw points given up. He was fortunate that A) Steph was hurt, and B) Warriors lost their rim protection in Game 5, which coincided with Kyrie/Lebron going for 41 a piece, and being able to do whatever they wanted for the rest of the series.

I give Kyrie credit for being the kind of player capable of taking advantage of the situation, because that’s certainly not a given.. but I can’t overreact to it. He’s still behind the likes of Steph, CP, Russ, Dame and Wall as far as PG’s are concerned, IMO.

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