Everyone forgets that Rose played well in the 2nd half of last season, and now he has an…
Dustin Kropps

Yeah, I don’t understand why everyone is so sure Rose won’t bounce back. If it’s ever gonna happen, it’ll be now.. his first season without major injury.. long summer, fresh start.. I’ve got my money on a Rose resurgence.

And if not, the Knicks gave up RoLo (who does nothing for a non-contending team) and Jerian Grant (best case scenario: George Hill?).. and can let Rose walk in a year… trade Melo.. and still get to focus on KP before he’s up for his extension. Very little risk.. and the upside on this is tremendous.

With Rose, comes a (false?) sense of legitimacy that could lure potential free agents. Phil says he wants KD, but that’s a pipe dream. A more likely scenario I could see play out is Rose lures hometown kid Noah.. Noah brings in college buddy Al Horford (Dominican.. so he’ll love New York by default), and all of a sudden the Knicks have the best froncourt in the game.

Obviously, they still need more to contend, but this becomes EASILY the best Knicks team Carmelo has had, and the City is fun again.

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