Top 25 Progressive Facebook Posts of 2014

Compiled by CrowdTangle

Social media has become an important piece of the puzzle for advocacy groups; at CrowdTangle, we’ve built a system that makes it easy to find & track how content is performing on Facebook, instagram, YouTube and Twitter. We work with a lot of fantastic companies from BuzzFeed to National Geographic to the NBA to help them stay on top of what’s trending and use that to optimize their own content.

In 2014, we tracked a total of 68 million social posts across over 100,00 social accounts…including 650,000 posts from 700 progressive groups.

Our founders all come from a progressive organizing background and in order to help the movement understand what content gets shared the most on Facebook, we’ve pulled together the 25 most successful progressive posts from all of 2014.

Couple of important notes to keep in mind:

  • There are a variety of ways to measure social content; none of them perfect.
  • We looked exclusively at the number of times a post was shared and we divided that by the size of the Page at the time of the post. We call that the “Share Rate” or “SR”. We also limited it to posts that got at least 75,000 shares. For each post, we’ve listed the total number of shares the post got,the size of the Page when the post went up and the SR.
  • Getting your content shared is obviously not the end goal; but hopefully, getting a sense of what content was shared the most can hopefully help groups improve their own social media strategies in 2015.

#25: attn

602k shares | 395k Page Size | 1.5% SR

#24: US Uncut

287k shares | 188k Page Size | 1.5% SR

#23: US Uncut

259k shares | 164k Page Size | 1.5% SR

#22: Media Matters for America

399k shares | 243k Page Size | 1.6% SR

#21: Mom’s Clean Air Force

129k shares | 79k Page Size | 1.6% SR

#20: attn

178k shares | 98k Page Size | 1.8% SR

#19: Working America

183k shares | 100k Page Size | 1.8% SR

#18: Democracy for America

135k shares | 73k Page Size | 1.8% SR

#17: attn

479k shares | 235k Page Size | 2.0% SR

#16: Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

91k shares | 44k Page Size | 2.0% SR

#15: Brave News Films

200k shares | 94k Page Size | 2.1% SR

#14: attn

440k shares | 192k Page Size | 2.2% SR

#13: Mom’s Clean Air Force

109k shares | 48k Page Size | 2.2% SR

#12: Fight for the Future

112k shares | 46k Page Size | 2.4% SR

#11: attn

322k shares | 129k Page Size | 2.4% SR

#10: Brave New Films

277k shares | 97k Page Size | 2.8% SR

#9: National Committee to Preserve Social Security

161k shares | 51k Page Size | 3.1% SR

#8: attn

1.2 million shares | 377k Page Size | 3.3% SR

#7: US Uncut

675k shares | 171k Page Size | 3.9% SR

#6: Bully Project

2.8 million shares | 601k Page Size | 4.6% SR

This was the single most shared Facebook post of the entire year from every Page we track.

#5: attn

1 million shares | 179k Page Size | 5.6% SR

#4: attn

677k shares | 104k Page Size | 6.45% SR

#3: UltraViolet

239k shares | 25k Page Size | 9.6% SR

#2: Rebuild the Dream

560k shares | 38k Page Size | 14.9% SR

#1: Mom’s Clean Air Force

1.3 million shares | 50k Page Size | 27% SR

The primary lessons we take away from this list:

(1) if you’re interested exclusively in shares, well-timed memes still dominate,

(2) those images don’t have to be original (or particularly high-quality for that matter), and

(2) if you’re trying for big viral hits, you should throw a lot of things at the wall (the folks who are on this list the most, tend to post at a much, much higher frequency than everyone else).

If you’re interested in learning more about how CrowdTangle works, feel free to email me directly at!

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