The Truest Digital Currency Isn’t Cryptocurrencies

Ah, the crypto-craze has passed and those of us in the space can breathe and look at the landscape with a clearer lens. While the concept of cryptocurrencies drove the interests and are the main event for blockchain technology, their days are number.

The truest digital currency isn’t cryptocurrency. We are truly moving to a bartering system again. We will learn how to aggregate information online and use it as a tool to get what we want. We will see our lives as stores of value. We will find that each new experience we have will inform the way the world works because it will give the world’s connected grid (thanks, internet-of-things) more information about who people are and what they mean to the world-at-large.

The truest digital currency isn’t cryptocurrencies. It’s simply another stand-in representing value (or sometimes an illusion of value, just the way the dollar represents a unit of measurement but has no intrinsic value itself.

The truest digital currency is organized data. The truest digital currency is the information used to churn the world’s events. The truest digital currency is the evidence and facts about what happened, when it happened and why it happened. We already see it now as a form of data collection for free access, at our grocery store we have point systems so that the grocery conglomerate can detect trends and sell better. But where these companies seek data as an end to a means (the end being more information to eventually sell us more goods). We, at TheDataVault see data as a ends to an end — the data is the tool to barter and the stand-in of value. With the digital capabilities, we do not need the point systems or dollar system or euro to mean something. It will just be that a sheep equals 100 bales of hay. Ten fish equal two wool sweaters. Entry to the nightclub equals contribution of electricity. It will be a world where we begin to understand what we need and what we truly want.

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