The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

It’s easy to topple straw-man examples of ‘market failure’ in healthcare, simply because no such thing really exists. Healthcare in the US is a command economy. EpiPen, far from being an example of market’s failure to deliver cost & value, is instead a prime example of the Orwellian absurdities that trace directly to a regulatory and policy establishment that granted Mylan pricing monopoly in the first place. “Critical mass of buyers and sellers” is a core component of an efficient market. But blame for lack of competition lies squarely with rule-writers, not Mylan. Healthcare is replete with examples of pricing absurdities, as anyone who has every read an insurance company ‘EOB,’ well knows. But CMS, FDA, regional medicaid authorities, and 50 separate state insurance regulatory bodies are the ones responsible. Individual corporate actors behaving in their own economic self interest are just the messenger…

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