I’ve been a VC since 1991, and like-minded about the invaluable contribution of immigrants to US entrepreneurship. But sorry, I gotta agree with dissenters that your post smacks of chest beating and grandstanding. The illegal immigration debate boils down to a question of rule-of-law: if we don’t like our country’s immigration laws, congress should change them. Meanwhile, we should enforce them. BOTH parties are guilty of holding hostage the immigration reform issue over decades and across many administrations. Our immigration laws are severely dysfunctional: we foolishly limit the inflow of superstar global multinationals the likes of which apparently populate CRV, while at the same time fail to limit the inflow of unskilled aliens. Trump, unpalatable as he is personally, and as objectionable as the most radical of his apologists may be is nevertheless simply expressing the overflow of populist frustration that Washington won’t do it’s job on immigration reform.

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