Santa Monica Beach: A United Nations Of Beachgoers

It’s an amazing sight to see, one that commands a humble appreciation for the diverse inclusivity that Santa Monica has long been renowned and beloved for.

Irrespective of one’s income, race, religion, origin, and circumstance, where equality is bestowed on all and where your story and what defines you as an individual are left behind, to gaze out at the majestic Pacific Ocean — twinkling in the suns rays, seemingly never-ending as you look out at the sail boats making their way up and down the coast. Norman Rockwell could not have painted a more beautiful spectacle. In the most simplistic way, Santa Monica Beach is a forum where all are welcome and where all are embraced.

Visitors flock in droves to the shoreline of Santa Monica from all over the world.

Japan, England, Germany, China, and Mexico are but a slither of the demographic pie. Within Los Angeles County, Santa Monica has come to be the ideal escape to both enjoy a day at the beach, while having the amenities of an entertaining theme park on the pier while nearby, an array of options for one’s palate and budget, are all within walking distance. Sure, visitors may already have similar feelings and motivations for visiting Santa Monica Beach but at closer glance, we see a multi-ethnic and geographically diverse community who each share in the experiences of others — creating in effect mutually lasting memories. This United Nations of beach goers defines what and who Santa Monica is to the domestic and international visitor. The July 4 weekend more than proves and displays this immense multi-national gathering.

By early afternoon on Saturday, July 4, it’s apparent that the too often used saying governs the sand when arriving to the beach, “the early bird gets the worm” or in this case, the sooner you arrive to set up your beach chair and towel, the better position you will be to the water thus diminishing the potential for restrained views.

Staggered by arms length, the throngs of families and friends all lined up in a meandering line of sunbathers, exemplifies the prototypical summer day at Santa Monica Beach. Walking through this somewhat organized chaos is utterly fascinating. From the multitude of languages spoken — seamlessly spanning from continental Europe and Asia to North America and South America — to the picnic spreads and lively entertainment shown, everyone here is contributing a unique influence to the experience for those in attendance. It is this blatant spectacle that defines the allure Santa Monica has long maintained around the world.

Travelers from near and far away come to Santa Monica Beach with their own agenda and expectations for having a relaxed, carefree day in the sand and surf.

What they inadvertently contribute to and help further impress upon their fellow beachgoers is the sense of communal belonging and inclusiveness. There is no class division here. So the next time you venture out to Santa Monica, take in the multi-national atmosphere and appreciate its grandness. Engage and participate with your fellow patrons who hail from all walks of life, from differing geographies, continents and time zones. You surely will not be disappointed.