End of Week Product Update

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Jul 14, 2018 · 3 min read

The World Cup has been ablaze, but fortunately the development team at Samsa has been productive since launch last week. The launch was received well by our early adopters who offered constructive feedback on the product. Parsing this feedback, we had to decide on two possible approaches to this week.

Option 1: Develop more robust user functionality by adding exchange profile analytics which was previously available on classic.samsa.ai.

Option 2: Expand the current user base by adding support for Binance since many traders have their assets there as opposed to Coinbase Pro.

Ultimately, this decision came down to the fact that a high-quality product will be better for both user acquisition and user retention down the road. Here’s a quick summary about what features these future users will have and that current users will have available immediately.

Performance Charting

Performance Chart

Performance Charting is going to be an exciting feature at Samsa. The ability to see your portfolios from various exchanges in a single dashboard will provide you an easy way to monitor all of your crypto. Even more exciting is that this feature is live.

Implementing Performance Charting required backend work to gather snapshots of exchange profiles given that a user has provided Samsa with a Coinbase Pro View Key. On the frontend, we needed to build out a chart component (more on this later) that displays all of your information to you efficiently. We decided that since Samsa is a trading tool, you should be able to view your returns over time. Secondly, since this is your money, you should be able to view your exchange account values. My favorite feature is the slick way you can toggle back and forth between these two views.

Finding Balance in the Landing Page

What do you want to greet you every time you visit https://samsa.ai/? For our launch, we developed a tool which allowed you compare the performance of Samsa Indexes against Bitcoin within a specified time range of your choice. In our opinion, this feature over-complicated the landing page and it became unclear what Samsa actually does. In the near future, it would be wiser to implement a tool like this for the brand new Performance Chart. For now, we want to simply emphasize the value of crypto indexes and make it easy for you to begin investing in one.

Clean Code for Clean UI

Sometimes, invisible changes need to be made. Always, they’re worth it.


As Samsa becomes more and more complex over time, it will be crucial to handle all of the data (your data) efficiently. Specifically, we spent some time normalizing the way we calculate returns, values, and dates, and how we pass that data into the frontend. Speaking of which…


Since the frontend is now receiving normalized data from the backend, we can make use of one of React’s greatest features, the component architecture. It cannot be overstated how efficient and clean it is to build reusable components. Not only does it make it easier for us at Samsa to develop, but also the end-user experience is all the more cohesive!

Up and Coming

Thanks for tuning in and being a part of the Samsa community. You can Sign Up for Samsa or join us in Discord. We really appreciate the feedback so that we can help build the future of investing. And for you Binance users, buckle up. It Just Keeps Getting Better.

Brandon Eng

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