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I’m pleased to announce the initial open source release of the Turbo Invoice API, a home health invoicing API for home health staffing agencies.

Observations, Problem, and Opportunity:

In my experience consulting and managing projects for a home health staffing agency, I’ve found two things to be unmistakably true:

  1. Home health software is particularly susceptible to software rot.
  2. Innovation in home health is slower than other healthcare verticals.

Combine those observations with a heavily regulated environment and risks associated with failing to meet vaguely defined security standards — and the result is an industry shortage of innovation, investment and competition.

This blog post demonstrates how to add a controller action that specifically works with the link_to view helper in Rails 5.

Since controller actions execute in the HTTP layer, any method you execute in the controller will mirror the behavior of the default CRUD actions. This isn’t a problem for basic methods like the example in this post. If your method contains business logic, move the method to a service. You don’t want users waiting longer than it takes to create an object.

To learn more about creating a service object, see this post.

In this example Rails app, we…

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