Ignore the Realities of Tuesday’s Election at Your Own Peril, Democrats.

We are nearly a week removed from the most surprising presidential election outcome in history, and the people most distraught by the election results have spent the better part of the last week ignorantly looking for excuses, rather than dealing with the realities of exactly how their candidate lost to Donald Trump.

With few exceptions, the conclusion that most of these people have come to is that Hillary Clinton lost because whites, and even white women are still racists, most men are genetically pre-disposed to misogyny, or that James Comey is the reason their candidate lost to Donald Trump. The general consensus on the Left is that Tuesday’s outcome simply cannot be the fault of anyone who has associated with the Democratic Party, either through key-stroke, pavement pounding or at the voting booth.

Yet there are three realities the Left and partisan Democrats must come to grips with and accept, if they are ever going to productively move on from Tuesday’s election results.

Reality №1: Barack Obama’s coalition was never Hillary Clinton’s to have, and establishing a cult of personality is everything.

Hillary Clinton nor her team was effective at targeting Obama’s coalitions from 2008 or 2012, and despite the fact that she won the popular vote on Tuesday, none of that support came from the coalition of support so vital to Barack Obama’s two victories.

Barack Obama won a landslide in 2008 because his candidacy drove normally apathetic voting blocks to the polls and switched the support of droves of moderate suburbanites who normally vote Republican, bringing them into an impressive coalition of voters.

In 2012, Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney handily because his team knew he was going to lose most of the independent support he received in 2008. Still, they managed to turn out the highest number of black voters ever, and the highest number of first time voters (specifically those who are incredibly hard to motivate, “registered-but-never-have-voted”) in history.

If there is one similarity between Donald Trump and Barack Obama, it is that they understood from the get-go that the race for the presidency is about establishing a cult of personality. Both men established their own at a very early stage in the primary process and cultivated it throughout the entire election cycle, and ultimately it carried both men to the White House.

Hillary Clinton, simply failed to do this — the reasons for which we may never truly know. Yet the media, who never spent any time analyzing the campaign’s lack of actively pursuing a movement around Hillary, and a DNC that was actively working to make her ascendancy as smooth as possible rather than challenging her campaign to get better, completely missed everything.

Here we are a week after their candidate lost, and the stories written about this mistake are so few and far between, I could only find one and it is already linked in this post.

So if you’re still one of those people wondering “how” Clinton lost to Donald Trump, look no further than the fact that she, nor her campaign ever felt the need to create the cult of personality around her candidacy, which has been quintessential to every successful campaign going back four decades, and was absolutely necessary to turn out the demographics most favorable to her electoral success.

Reality №2: The institutional Left’s [unrelenting] movement to publicly harangue majority constituencies over their “implicit” racism and racial or gender “privilege,” as well as their penchant for implying that uneducated voters aren’t intelligent enough to know what their real interests are, will continue to be counter-productive, resulting in further defeat at the ballot box.

I can tell you with certainty, that Americans who don’t live in or near the Acela Corridor, or on the West Coast, who aren’t racist, who aren’t homophobic, or who aren’t closet misogynists, do not take kindly to being called such things, and in certain instances will be driven to vote out of spite for being called such things.

Take college-educated white women for instance. The reason a +18–25% advantage for Hillary Clinton with these voters [in the polls] wound up being just +6% on election day is in part due to the fact that women who held a college degree and were thinking about supporting Donald Trump probably don’t like to be constantly told that Trump supporters are “uneducated,” or “bigots”.

For over eight years now, the institutional Left has operated with the belief that in order to lift up the concerns of minority communities and voting constituencies, the concerns of those in majority communities, whatever they may be, must be rhetorically torn down or worse yet, ignored completely.

It starts from the top. Hillary Clinton characterized half of Trump supporters as “racists”, “homophobic, xenophobic…” to a crowd of her own supporters who laughed. Not uncomfortably, not ironically, but in agreement with her comments.

If you want to win the support with the constituencies your candidate just lost or severely under-performed with, it’s probably a good idea to assume you know everything about them and their character.

If the Left doesn’t come to grips with Reality №2 quickly, or worse yet, completely ignores the reality of the situation they’ve found themselves in, no amount of hand-wringing that has been so prevalent on Facebook and Twitter and in blog posts from Vox, Slate, HuffPo and Mother Jones, will keep future electoral disappointments at bay.

Reality №3: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are not your saviors!

Of all the solutions being proposed by the Left as they come up for air from their kicking-and-screaming outrage over the election results, the suggestion that the Democratic party should be led by the likes of Elizabeth Warren and/or Bernie Sanders is by far the worst one.

To pursue such a course is to ignore everything that has happened electorally since Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

The midterms of 2010 essentially reversed a 256-seat majority for the Democrats in the House of Representatives to a 242-seat Republican majority, while the Democratic caucus’ super-majority in the Senate dwindled to just a 53–47 advantage and by 2014, the Republicans had control of the Senate and the House and that’s just in Washington, D.C.

Since 2008, Democrats have lost over 900 seats in the 50 states’ legislatures and as of Tuesday night control a total of 14. Additionally, Republican governors now own at least a 33–17 advantage pending a recount in North Carolina later this month.

What all of this should tell you is that the overwhelming majority of the country no longer believes the ideals of the Democratic Party are representative of their own.

Furthermore, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the embodiment of the ideals that have led the Democratic Party to run astray of the American voting public. They are exactly the type of politicians that repulse a majority of Americans.

So as a conservative, I smile gleefully at anyone who suggests the voices of Sanders and Warren should be amplified. Yet as a fairly intelligent human being who has a thing for logic, the repeated calls for their ascendancy make no sense whatsoever.

If those calling for their increased influence over Democratic Party policy proposals and political decisions get their way, I predict nothing but further devastation of the Democratic Party in every area of the country in which Democrats don’t hold a voting registration advantage of at least 20 points.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 
The Democratic Party is in shambles and their supporters are searching for the answers as to why, but they continue to ignore the realities that Tuesday’s result have laid bare for all to see.

Tuesday will serve as proof that Barack Obama and his massive majorities in Congress in 2009 and 2010 completely misjudged the mood of the electorate.

Reading their electoral success as a mandate, they used it to spend trillions on infrastructure projects serving only Democratic constituencies, and pass Obamacare using Budget Reconciliation against the will of nearly 7 in 10 Americans.

The American people have not stopped punishing the Democratic party on a massive scale since. The only exception has proven to be the issue the Left has ignored the most.

That is the fact that despite the historic nature of Barack Obama’s presidency allowed the Democratic Party and the ideological Left to forget themselves and for whom their ideals held weight.

The places and people who needed empathy from Democrats were told they need to be thinking of others instead themselves.

They’ve been told that being a social justice warrior was equally as admirable as being a functioning member of the middle class.

Barack Obama’s presidency created a void among the people who the Democratic Party had always had a leg up with and their representatives in Washington.

Given the results of Tuesday’s election, it appears that the Democratic Party was completely blind to the void created by “their guy” and Donald Trump was more than willing to step in.

The thing is, he didn’t do it stealthily. He was doing it for every one to see.

But the Democrats, member of the media, the pollsters, and all of those on the Left still looking for the answers, remain completely ignorant of it all.

They shouldn’t.