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10 Steps to take command of Change in your Business

What is Change Management(CM) in Business?

There’s many facets to change and how it applies to business and culture. Overall CM is a collective term that refers to a structured approach to ensure that changes are implemented as smoothly and successfully as possible achieving long term sustainable results. When we apply this concept in total to our business we call it Organizational Change Management or (OCM). CM represents smaller or micro change and OCM represents change on an overall scale or Macro approach.

They’re a many reasons for change. Leadership change, Structural change, product change, innovation, comp plans, budgeting and even changes that are out of our control, like a pandemic. So the reality is change is two things: it’s constant and it’s everywhere. And it’s either dictating you; or you have the power to dictate it. The conclusion is; it’s much better for you or your organization to be in a position to be proactive vs. …

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There’s moments in Leadership and development that really separate the good from the great. It’s these moments and how we react that truly defines our BRAND. …


Have you ever wondered what is it about the go getters, the hard chargers the dominate people that never settle for mediocrity. What is about their attraction, energy and character that sets them apart from the rest? Is it an innate instinct or characteristic that the are born with? Is it a product of their environment growing up? Or is it just somehow their destiny?

We don’t believe that success is one thing. We believe it’s a combination of many elements colliding over a period of time.

The culmination of this period produces an opportunity or moment of greatness and it’s in that instant one takes a leap of faith! …


Brandon Borrelli

Family Man| Former Corporate Exec turned Entrepreneur| Storytelling Coach|Inspirational Speaker| Host of Leading Legends Podcast| Legacy Builder.

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