A statement regarding THAT PARTY 2019

Following the discussion that has been growing over the past weekend, we have listened to feedback and decided to cancel THAT PARTY. We will be promptly and fully refunding everyone who has purchased tickets thus far.

As we do so, there are several things I would like to make clear. First, announcing the party was not meant as the act of ignorance or defiance it has understandably been perceived as, and we did not intend to cause additional pain or discomfort among the community. My co-organizer and I, along with the participating musicians and game creators, were simply excited to share a new showcase of amazing art with our audience.

Second, I did not intend for the party’s branding to cause confusion about who was coordinating the event. Following initial collaborations with other groups, from 2016 (when it was re-branded as “THAT PARTY”) through 2018, the event has primarily been overseen and coordinated by me (acting on behalf of both Venus Patrol & Juegos Rancheros), alongside the person who would have been my sole co-organizer this year.

Because I was no longer affiliated with Juegos Rancheros, it felt natural to take full ownership of THAT PARTY as its own standalone brand for 2019.

My hope was that this would finally put an end to continuing confusion about who was responsible for the event. It unfortunately had the opposite effect.

Trying to move forward with an event this year has created an intense focal point for rampant speculation and misinformation about my own personal life and intentions. Though all involved are deeply concerned with the safety and well-being of all attendees and participating artists, holding the event under these conditions would not support the kind of environment we strive for, and so we have decided the only responsible course is to withdraw.

While all of us are disappointed to do so, my genuine hope is that all of the events of both the past weeks and the past year — which I have discussed openly and at length here — can both lead to and help foster healthy, constructive conversation in the future.

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