3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Teacher To Work With Your Startup

Startups are known for using unconventional and sometimes far-fetched ideas to start their companies and even crazier ideas to grow their businesses. Here’s yet another crazy idea that will work for someone interested in a startup. Hire a teacher! As crazy as it may sound, hiring a teacher can tremendously help start your business and eventually grow your business.

What Teachers Bring to the Table

Teachers are first and foremost, extreme multi-taskers. At any given time of the day, a teacher can be found grading papers, preparing for a meeting, planning a lesson, researching, and teaching. To make the deal even sweeter, all teachers had the privilege of being taught by professionals who were currently working in the field. Not all political science instructors are current politicians. Not all business professors have active businesses. But, 100% of the individuals who teach, actively do the job for which they are preparing others. Specifically, hiring a teacher for your startup can help with customer onboarding, customer success, and customer retention.

  1. Customer Onboarding

Over the course of their college career, teachers take multiple courses in psychology, which qualifies them as mini experts in understanding people, in particular, your customers. Teachers have to understand every child and their thought process to effectively help students achieve success. Knowing that a student is a visual learner rather than a verbal learner can be the difference between a child passing a math class or developing a hatred for numbers.

The start of the school year is all about the onboarding process. Teachers are responsible for making sure that their students quickly and effectively learn the procedures and policies of the classroom and the school. For veteran teachers, this process is carried out very quickly and usually after one week, students are implementing the routine at 75% effectiveness. For example, all great teachers set clear expectations at the beginning of the school year. That means that teachers who want top-performing students, set top-performing expectations. One of those expectations is time management. A teacher expectation would read “All students are expected to arrive to class on time.” This expectation is modeled and practiced until the teacher receives desired results and the students have mastered the expectation.

Translation, having a teacher on-board will give your startup the upper hand. A seasoned teacher will have your team operational faster than a training video. Sure, there is a training model that can possibly be used for your onboarding process. The difference in using that model and a teacher is the result. All startups target a certain demographic and the training cannot always be used interchangeably. One fact is certain, the training provided by a great teacher is transferable in any situation.

2. Customer Success

A proven strategy frequently used by teachers that leads to success is checking for understanding. To the casual observer, a teacher only checks for understanding twice a week. Maybe you remember taking a test on Friday. How about the “pop quiz” during the week? Test and quizzes are ways to check for understanding, but the successful teacher checks for understanding daily and as many times as needed throughout the lesson. An example of a teacher checking for understanding is when she asks a student to repeat directions. “Johnny, can you repeat the directions in your own words to the class.” In that example, the teacher checked for Johnnie’s understanding by asking him to say the directions based on his comprehension. Assuming that Johnnie understood the directions, the teacher simultaneously helped other students that may not have understood the initial directions.

Within your startup, this skill is needed and the teacher will not let any team member fall behind because of a misunderstanding. Customers can be tough and your client advocate has to be thoroughly knowledgeable about company policies and techniques that address all types of situations. In a fast-paced environment, concepts can get construed or not fully grasped. The constant checking by a teacher confirms that understanding has been obtained.

Taking it a step further, let’s say that it is company policy that “…the Customer Champion should strive to use four problem solving methods before proceeding to the next step.” Your customer champion has been solving problems after only two methods. Those extra methods is the difference between a full refund and a 10% discount on a future purchase. Through an understanding check, the teacher catches that the team member does not fully understand why using all four methods are important. A mini lesson is provided to address the problem and money is saved!

3. Customer Retention

This may be the most important quality that a teacher brings to the table. This particular skill is important in that the teacher has transcended the regular teacher/student relationship and connected with the student. Connected in such a way that 10 years after graduating, the student still drops in to say hi. In a sense, having a teacher with these qualities working in your startup will undoubtedly increase customer retention.

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a tool that teachers implement to categorize educational goals.The first level is “Remember”. Leading students to success in the “Remember” category establishes the ability to recall important information. This works well with subjects such as vocabulary and multiplication in which students have to quickly call to mind information.

Translated: in a quick thinking environment, certain terms, strategies, and systems should come second nature. At any given time, you should be able to approach a team member and an operational question should be answered smoothly and precisely. How many seconds should elapse between pick-up and hang-up? When should a call be transferred? What is the current promotion? Smooth and precise!

In Conclusion

An effective teacher is a much needed asset to your team. Hiring a teacher to become a part of the day-to-day will, without a doubt, increase productivity. Teachers are awesome managers that come with preset skills that are instrumental in generating success. Performing at maximum potential requires that everyone involved is contributing effectively. A teacher will make certain that team members are properly trained. The teacher will see to it that your customer champion is providing the most adequate and up-to-date information to your customers. Finally, a teacher will make constantly check to verify that all team members are retaining information and communicating effectively.

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