Why You Should Avoid Zillow at All Costs
Kristina Modares

Zillow (Redfin, and others) are looking to disrupt the real estate industry, and bring more transparency into markets that are normally locked down and they are doing a good job, but not a great job. Until the MLS drops it’s hold on Real Estate agents and releases it’s monopoly on information, Zillow is all we have. Zillow is trying to protect the consumer, while the MLS protects the real estate agents, both good and bad ones. The MLS systems are archaic and there are no good reasons only realtors should have access to it. These paywalls managing information will fall eventually and access to more information means a better marketplace will be created. I’m excited to see how companies like RealSavvy start to play into this as they work to make the MLS process more transparent.

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