Media Lit Post #1

On the evening of September 16, police arrive on Terence Crutcher’s location and come with their guns/taser’s drawn, slowly moving closer to Terence as he keeps walking towards his car with his hand up. The police are on their toes not knowing whether he’s armed or on any kinds of drugs. As he gets to his driver side door, he lowers one hand, but doesn’t reach for anything, and one police officer shoots him with a taser but at the same time, officer Betty Shelby, fired a shot into the chest of Terence, killing him. Betty was under the impression that Terence had a weapon and she felt intimidated by him as well.

I personally think this is ridiculous. The man didn’t have any weapons on him, nor did he have any weapons in his vehicle. He wasn’t on any drugs. He was a normal person who’s vehicle had stalled out in the middle of the road. Now as to why they felt the need to pull out guns and tasers on him, I think it was because he’s a taller black male. I think it has a lot to do with race. I sincerely doubt the outcome would have been the same if he was a while male.

I’m fully confused as to why the police officers felt threatened anyways. Terence didn’t taunt them or get violent at any point. I know one thing for sure; Betty Shelby took the life of a perfectly fine man, who was a father and who was a son who was enrolled in Tulsa Community College. One police officer, moments before Terence’s death, said “That looks like a bad dude, too” They were judging the man just because of his race. I feel Betty should go to jail and suffer the consequences for her actions and should have plenty of time to think about the innocent life that she took and the family that she has forever changed.