Brenda Snipes broke state law and federal law by destroying ballots. She has no intentions to step down claiming her actions were just a mistake.

Circuit Judge Raag Singhal ruled back in May 2018 that because Snipes destroyed the ballots, what she committed a crime. What she did was not only illegal, it is an attack on our Democracy. The people of Broward County also have had issues with Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes who believes she should still keep her job after her actions. She has made numerous “mistakes” as she calls them and she has still managed to keep her job. She has had her team send out incorrect ballots and has retained deceased residents on the voter information rolls.

Another occasion where Brenda Snipes made a “mistake” was when Snipes issued 240,000 absentee ballots in 2016 and only 60,000 of them returned.

“Things we have under our control don’t represent rigging to me. Rigging might be something somebody does outside” -Brenda Snipes

Brenda Snipes has made excuse after excuse about her so-called “mistakes” but the truth is, she’s not fit to do the job she has and that’s apparent. She needs to be forced out. She has repeatedly attacked our Democracy with her failure to do her job properly.

Brenda Snipes illegally destroyed ballots and she must see punishment for her crimes in a legal manner. What’s more of a crime is the fact that no one has done anything to stop her but will talk about prosecuting Russian men for being involved in our elections.

The longer Brenda Snipes goes free, the more of a chance she will rig another election and call it a “mistake”.