“From Pro-Wrestler to Superdelegate status, Curtis Wylde, a BernieCrat has stepped up to give the people their voice back and stand up for the people of Missouri.”

Curtis Wylde is a professional wrestler who would be brought to my attention after a Bernie Delegate from Missouri, Rob OConnell who would share with me who Mr. Wylde is:

Rob OConnell: “Curtis Wylde was nominated to the DNC by me. No one thought he was going to get elected. I told you what happened in Missouri”

Rob was referring to the rigging of Missouri:

BC De Graff: “Yes. What about him made you feel like he earned your endorsement?”

Rob OConnell: “About how we had to come up with 2 BernieCrats at the last moment. He’s a personal friend, he lives like 10 miles from me. His trailer was the county organizing HQ for Bernie. I loved that he was not one of them. Hes clearly one of us. He stayed in my room in Philly too! Our kids have hung out and shit. Hes also my county democratic committeeman and my state committeeman.”

What Rob said next made me realize how very serious Curtis Wylde is:

“Curtis is the progressive people hoped Sam Ronan was.”
These words never rang more true. We needed a Progressive Democrat that could bridge the #DemExit Movement and enter the Democratic Party to infiltrate the party and best represent the people. Samuel Ronan has recently ran as a Republican and left a trail of inconsistencies in his path, without addressing a single issue with a responsible solution. Rob would continue:

“He lives in a trailer. Hes a DJ/Minor Pro Wrestler locally. His wife waits tables and sells art. I love they are not rich at all. They're local activists.”

From everything Rob O’Connell described, I had found a true Democratic Progressive that shared in the same pursuit of a better America. A down to earth guy with a passion for Bernie Sanders and a desire to change the system from within.

I would interview him and ultimately be surprised and I would ultimately endorse him after one very powerful interview from the professional wrestler from Missouri:

BC De Graff: “ What made you decide to get into politics?”

Curtis Wylde: “ Short answer: Bernie Sanders. I had been asked in Nov. 2015 if I was interested in running. I declined. Kept learning more about Bernie, and hearing his call for a Political Revolution. Feb. 2016, I decided to answer his call-to-action. A bit of a back story: I created a website, and was going to do a joke run for President, not really register, or actually run, but almost a parody… even created a website! Then, I found out about this Bernie Sanders guy, and realize he was running on literally everything my “joke” campaign was going to be, and had been fighting for those things for 30–40 years, so I decided I’d let him do it. He was also criticizing the same things about our corrupt system that I planned to do… So, I looked into lower level office deciding that State Rep was a good way to pull my weight in this battle.”

BC De Graff: “Your friend Delegate Rob O’Connell just gave you a real supportive endorsement a bit ago. People really like you. What would you like to do with your political career for Missouri?”

Curtis Wylde: “My goal is to bring Missouri into the future. Prior to any ideas about becoming politically involved, I didn’t call myself a Democrat, or even a Progressive. I identified myself as a “Futurist”, I looked at the teachings of Buck-minster Fuller, and Jaque Fresco (The creator of The Venus Project, a Resource-Based Economy), I was inspired by people like Elon Musk, and Richard Branson. So, to me “Progress” is necessary to get to our future. I envision a Missouri and America where we are creating jobs through sustainability infrastructure projects, Solar Roadways w/built in fiber optic internet so everywhere the roads go brings internet connection, cars that are charged by the road the drive on, High speed Mag-Lev rails, 3D Printers creating 3D printers. No more planned obsolescence. NO stifling of innovation due to the fear of lost profits, etc.”

Curtis Wylde impressed me with his intelligence and his influence. From all points, I knew I was talking to an intelligent individual who understood the working class of the present and future.

BC De Graff: “What issues are you concerned with fixing for the people you’ll be representing?”

Curtis Wylde: “The celebrities of our day should be great Educators, Doctors, Scientists, NOT The Kardashians. I would like to make Missouri a destination again. I would love to bring a solar plant, or electric car plant to my district. I want to see Missouri creating so much renewable energy that we become energy exporters. If we build it, they will come.”

His platform supports his message.

BC De Graff: “Were you aware of the rigging in your state?”

Curtis Wylde: “I was aware and vocal of the rigging across the Country as it was happening. We fought really hard in MO to not suffer the same fate we had seen in other States. Which is why Bernie won our county by 10% during the Primary, (Our house was Bernie HQ for the county), Nearly tied HRC (split the state by less than 0.5%, and our Bernie Delegation out-organized the HRC Delegation by roughly 134 delegates to unseat 4 HRC supporters with 4 Berners on the DNC for ‘16-’20.”

Curtis Wylde has hit a trifecta for Progressives, he has admitted to me that he knew of the rigging, he’s a Democrat, not afraid to admit this face and he would eventually go on to tell me he is a current Superdelegate for 2020:

BC De Graff: “Were you a Bernie Delegate too?”

Curtis Wylde: “My wife and I were voted in from local to congressional district to State Delegates for Bernie. We decided not to go National Delegates, because we would have been getting back days before the primary, which I was on the ballot for even if unopposed on the Dem side, I needed my signs and precincts campaigning, plus the roughly $4000 each it would have costed. Then, my Bernie Delegation voted me into the DNC making me a Superdelegate, and my first DNC meeting was in Philly the day after the convention, so I had to go. (With about a month, I raised $1200 to go, and I still slept on a floor in someone else’s room.) So, I was there, and spoke at a few different events. This was my first “Dem Enter” speech at FDR park moments after Bernie gave away his Delegates.”

BC De Graff: “ We’re very fortunate to have you on our side. Are you for election reform?”

Curtis Wylde: “Thank you! I’m very fortunate to have a Progressive army supporting what I’m doing, even if some may know be aware of me, or my journey yet. Absolutely for Election Reform. 1 person, 1 vote should be easy, but those in control make it as difficult as they can to maintain control. End Gerrymandering, Automatic voter registration for every citizen at 18 y/o, and Election Day should be a national holiday, even consider some sort of penalty for not voting. (I think it’s $50 in Australia, but everybody usually votes) Publicly Funded Elections too. Puts all “Politicians” on an even plain.”

Mr. Wylde would also tell me “ we’ll be able to cast for Bernie if/when he runs in 2020.” So, it’s safe to assume, he’s definitely on the people’s side.

In conclusion, I endorse Mr. Wylde. He’s a great asset to this movement and we need more leaders like him, leading us to victory and leading us to the solutions of our social issues. He’s the kind of person people can rally around.