“ Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) may have some Progressives fooled, but upon research, her voting record and recent flip-flop indicates that she’s not a Progressive, she’s a Neo-Liberal.”

Everyone seems to forget about what Elizabeth Warren said to the Pharmaceutical Drug Companies in 2015 where she took on the Pharmaceutical companies, introducing the Medical Innovation Act:

“It’s like a swear jar: Whenever a huge drug company that is generating enormous profits as a result of federal research investments gets caught breaking the law — and wants off the hook — it has to put some money in the jar to help fund the next generation of medical research,”
-Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Families USA Health Action Conference in Washington

Warren claims this would address dwindling government investment in medical research and illegal practices by major pharmaceutical companies. You might think someone like her would have a consistent record of Progressive ideas, however, this is not the case:

“ During a March 16, 2011, hearing of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, Ms. Warren downplayed her agency’s involvement in the state settlement negotiations: “We have been asked for advice by the Department of Justice, by the Secretary of the Treasury, and by other federal agencies. And when asked for advice, we have given our advice.” -www.judicialwatch.org

The story doesn’t end there as www.judicialwatch.org would continue:

“ Emails obtained by Judicial Watch from several states suggest her agency’s participation was far more intense and aggressive. Warren called emergency meetings by phone and in person with attorneys general nationwide to contribute unsolicited input on the matter. The documents also indicate that Warren’s office insisted on keeping its contact with the state attorneys general secret. For example, in a February 25, 2011, email to the Executive Committee of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), Iowa Assistant Attorney General Patrick Madigan wrote: “Elizabeth Warren would like to present the CFPB’s view on loan modifications.” Two weeks earlier, a similar email was distributed to NAAG’s Loss Mitigation Subgroup on Warren’s behalf. In an email on February 15 regarding that meeting, Madigan points out that “The CFPB wanted me to stress the confidential nature of this briefing.””

This is only the tip of the iceberg and a small piece of the puzzle. Recently, Donald Trump would purpose a massive 700 billion military budget increase. Something Progressives would be very vocal against. The Progressive base relied on an event that happened to Bernie Sanders in a Portland, Oregon Rally.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would proclaim “no more war,” after a bird landed near Bernie on his podium while he spoke to a crowd. The moment would be the the hearts of Bernie Sanders supporters and prove to be a significant moment on the campaign. Many believe this was Mother Nature endorsing Bernie Sanders. The message of “no more war” reached the convention where Delegates were drowned out by “USA” chants. Elizabeth Warren voted in favor of war by increasing the military budget to 700 billion where Bernie Sanders voted against the bill with Rand Paul.

Elizabeth Warren would later be asked if she felt that the Democratic Primary was rigged at which she replied, “yes.” only to later retract. She would retract with the following statement:

“I agree with what Donna Brazile has said over the last few days; that while there was some bias at the DNC, the overall 2016 primary process was fair and Hillary made history,” -Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) interview with MassLive.

This was a clear flip-flop and a disturbing revelation that Elizabeth Warren is clearly ignoring the corruption of her party and ignoring the American voters who want fair elections.