(Updated) 09/12/2017

(Gary Johnson the 2016 Libertarian Candidate)

So far, as of 2016 was the first year that Libertarian votes counted in all 50 states which means that the Libertarian Party can receive more votes. Unfortunately, the 2 party system won't let Libertarian Party Candidates enter debates and 3rd Party Candidates haven't received a large number of electoral vote in since 1968, when George Wallace won 46. So, it is possible for electoral voters to sway their votes for Independent Candidates. In 1972, Libertarian John Hospers won an Electoral vote in Virginia. It would be the last time a Libertarian would see an Electoral Vote. With the 2 Party System featured in a bias fashion, there has come so many independent candidates like John B. Anderson, who won 5,719,850 votes in the 1980 election. Whole what happened back in 1980 would never see a rise in independent voting until 1992 when Ross Perot would win 19,743,821, receive no Electoral Vote and no states held. Ross Perot would return in 1996 and take 8,085,294 votes, no electoral.

(Jill Stein the 2016 Green Party Candidate)

With Green Party making an increased stride in 2016 with Candidate Jill Stein winning an impressive 1,457,216, reminiscent of Ralph Nader who won 2,882,955 votes in 2000. With all of this minor success, what is holding down these two parties and what is constricting the Independent vote from gaining Electoral Votes? Libertarian Gary Johnson would win 4,489,233 votes, making an increase in voter turnout within the Party in a General Election, but would not receive any Electoral Votes. in 2004, a faithless Electoral Voter from Minnesota voted for John Edwards who was the Democratic Nomination's Running Mate (John Kerry). 2016 was unlike any election we've ever had. We have truly remarkable faithless votes surrounding the election that would result in Donald Trump being elected. It was clear that both candidates were unpopular and the voters proved that. The Electoral votes went to Bernie Sanders in Hawaii, 3 people voted for Colin Powell in Washington along with one voting for a spotted eagle, in Texas, John Kasich and Ron Paul. The Democrats would have you believe that those 7 faithless electors costed Hillary the election. As I've plainly shown, neither Trump nor Hillary were very popular among voters. Trump had the election despite how the polls indicate because the polls don't tell you how the Electoral Voters will vote. This proves that. The Electoral College vote could do this again. Collectively coming together as Americans have done in the past to accomplish a 3rd Party election win. With politicians on the two party system both fighting for themselves and not the American People, it's up to the Electoral Voters to make the right decision in 2020 if we don't remove this voting restriction. The Average vote in America doesn't win elections and it's a role that will work out for the rich unless the American people gain wise to vote against their represented district if they so choose to. There is an easy solution to all of this and that is to encourage Electoral Voters to vote outside the 2 party system. We see how the 7 Faithless Electoral Voters did it, we could essentially decide the election without the popular vote and restore power back to the people because it would end the two party system, forcing the government to actually do their job and start focusing on the issues that the American people are being neglected of such as Single Payer Healthcare. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both opposed Single Payer Healthcare, Trump even praised it, but still opposed it. Why? Because politicians single payer takes money away from pharmaceutical companies that donate money to many politicians on the left and right in a classic "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." According to Pew Research Center, majority of Americans believe the government should provide healthcare to cover everyone. This means that Single Payer Healthcare is an agreeable possibility, but won't happen unless politicians part ways with their pharma donors. Under public pressure because of the failures of ACA, the Democrats have now started to come around as Kamala Harris, the Senator from California who has received the same donations Hillary Clinton received leaving many to believe that Kamala Harris is the chosen DNC Nomination. Whether or not this is true, we'll have to wait and see if the DNC decides to have a fair election in 2020 as Voter Suppression was exposed in states like Arizona and New York and according to LA Times, over 4 Million ballots sit uncounted in California.

It's fair to say the American people aren't getting fair elections. The true heroes of the 2016 election are the unspoken 7 Faithless Electorals who voted outside of the two party system. David Mulinix, who voted for Bernie Sanders, Christopher Suprun, who voted for John Kasich, Bill Greene, who voted for Ron Paul, Levi Guerra, Esther John, Peter Bret Chiafalo, who all voted for Colin Powell, then finally you have one of the more interesting vote coming from a Bernie Sanders delegate who became an Electoral Voter, like fated to be a Delegate and an Electoral, Robert Satiacum Jr. Who went from a Bernie Sanders Delegate to a Faithless Electoral Voter. A true hero for those who have been oppressed by the two party system. These men are champions of the people for those who have been oppressed by the 2 party system.

These are 7 people who made a difference and did something that could have had the same effect on the election that could possible see an election be halted because they don't achieve 270 Electoral Votes on either side. It is quite possible and this would end the two party system as they would have to hold another election, forcing them to bring in a third party to rally with the Faithless Electoral Voters and third party voters who were disenfranchised by the Democratic Party in 2016. There is a way to resolve the two party system and that is to encourage the electoral voters to deny the 270 votes it takes for a candidate to win an election.

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