“A state that wanted Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton was rigged with the help of Elizabeth Warren and the DNC.”

Massachusetts was better known for the state where Bill Clinton came out with a mega phone and tried to sway voters at the voting booths to vote for Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton violated the state law to stay 100 feet from the polling stations. It was a sign of how unpopular she was and an illegal tactic. The DNC and the Chair were on Hillary Clinton’s side, they chose her and that was their candidate, she would become the nomination. They didn’t care how they had to get it done.

I would interview a Bernie Sanders delegate from the state:

BC DeGraff: “Were you one of the many who was Bernie or Bust? and What was the message you left the convention with and who did you vote for?”
James L. Bedard: “I was not explicitly Bernie or Bust. I’m not hostile toward the Democratic Party as an institution, but rather I was highly critical of those in powerful positions within the party who worked so hard to stifle new voices in every primary state. I did leave the convention area and took to the stage in FDR Park to speak to the thousands of disaffected youth and folks left behind by the party’s one-sided nominating process. I resented the sour treatment many of fellow delegates received by party regulars not used to real democracy at their conventions.
The party regulars and Hillary herself did nothing to bring Berniecrats and Bernie-independents into the process. There was literally zero outreach in any regard. Even our champions in the decision-making rooms like Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison were swept aside when they dared to speak against over arcing corporate influence within the party.
I left the convention dishearten by the process but clear-eyed in the movement we began. The message from the Hillary campaign was clear: get on-board or get left behind. We delegates left with our goal solidified by what we had already accomplished. This goal was simple: get home and get to work changing the awful system that suppressed our voices. If you look around the country, Bernie delegates and supporters have made huge gains inside and outside of the Democratic Party structure. When I got back home, I got back to work on the “Save Our Public Schools” campaign and supporting our local progressive candidates. I don’t care for the general election question because it doesn’t define me. My work as a children’s mental health counselor and behavior therapist, working to improve a decrepit criminal justice system, combined with my work in local progressive politics is what defines me. I will never cease that fight to help young folks in dire need.
For Bernie supporters, our candidate wasn’t on the ballot. So to shame anyone to voted for Clinton, Stein, or Johnson or just left the presidential bracket blank just lends strikes against our movement.
We need to focus on the tasks at hand and not dwell in the past. I believe Bernie’s message in bringing folks from all backgrounds together will change this country for the better. I’m focused on that goal.”

Though James L. Bedard was unaware, Bernie or Bust means Bernie Sanders or no one. Many who voted for Jill, voted for their best interests, that’s still a Progressive platform as she closely related to Bernie Sanders’ platform. James says he’s focused on the future and he’s right to take this stance. American must never allow Democracy to be so bias and rigged in favor of one candidate.

Hillary would receive 210,000 voted from the superdelegates. The voters never had a chance when superdelegates like Elizabeth Warren have a vote worth 10,000 votes.

(Kyle Kulinski exposes Bill Clinton for violating State Regulations)

Massachusetts exit polls didn’t match up and He was seen outside the polling station, encouraging voters to vote for Hillary with a megaphone. Un-adjusted Exit Polls Indicate that Bernie Sanders had actually won the state after the votes were already counted, beating Hillary Clinton by 53%. Hillary Clinton would walk out of Super Sunday with 8 out of 12 including Massachusetts.

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