Daniel Whitfield tells me about his run, his plan for the district and his thoughts on the rigging of the Primary election.”

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BC De Graff: “ Tell me about your upbringing.”

Daniel Whitfield: “ My name is Daniel Whitfield. I come from a broken family where I was raised by a single mom who worked three jobs to support my sister and I. I’m from a small town in California called Clear Lake, where we lived in a trailer. My mother worked her hardest to move us into the city and bought her first house in the suburbs, where I grew up in the town of Discovery Bay. After school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life and was given a choice of working or joining the military.. At the time I was a gamer and had met a good friend who lived in Louisiana and worked in the oilfield. So I used the money I had worked for to buy a plane ticket and start an adventure! I worked as a service technician on drilling rigs which allowed me to travel to several hundred oil rigs. I specialized in installing and repairing safety sensors such as gas detectors, computers, and phone systems. After two years in the oilfield away from my mother and sister I felt I had to return home to be closer to my family. My sisters husband joined the Army and while he was in boot camp I stayed with her in her house in Reno Nevada. He was stationed in Anchorage Alaska, and when she left to join him I enjoyed my time in Reno and decided to stay! I worked at the Pepper-mill Resort Spa Casino as security where I quickly moved up the ranks to surveillance/dispatch. I stayed in Reno for a few years until I met my wife on Facebook, then I went to visit her in Los Angeles. When we decided we wanted to take our relationship further I talked her into moving back to Reno, as it’s such a beautiful place! We lived in Reno for around 3 years, during that time I found my passion, being a cable guy! Being in Cable it gave me the opportunity it’s to go into thousands and thousands of houses meeting countless families! I was able to talk to so many people and hear their feelings and concerns covering an abundance of topics. When my daughter was born I knew we couldn’t stay in Re o as the crime and drug use is so terribly high there. So we went back to California so my wife could pursue her career in accounting. (She has a 4 year bachelors in accounting and is pursuing her CPA) While we were in California I was working for Comcast and she was working on her CPA, my sisters husbands caravan ran over an IED in Afghanistan leaving him the only survivor in his vehicle. The wounded warrior project bought them a house in Pea Ridge Arkansas. After they spent two years here in Arkansas my sister finally managed to talk my wife and I into moving here. The cost of living is lower, the crime is among the best in the country, and the schools are the highest rated in America. We came to Arkansas in September is 2014. My daughter was 1 and my wife was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately one twin was absorbed and we were left with our little Kristy. She was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and given no chance to survive past birth.. we tried everything we could to give her a chance so my wife had a c-section and Kristy was able to be with us for just under 8 hours before passing. I shortly after stopped doing cable and my wife went to working as a full time accountant. She now works for a Fortune 500 company, JB Hunt corporate, and I delivery pizzas for Dominos. It’s not most flattering job, but the hours are flexible and I work opposite of my wife so we don’t have to pay for a babysitter. I love Bella Vista so much because of the natural beauty here. We went from living in a crowded city to living in the forest! I love to fish and we have 5 private lakes here for Bella Vista residents! This is my paradise, and where I want my daughter to grow up!”

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Whitfield is a down to earth politician looking to help his community by running for political office:

BC De Graff: “What political office are you running for?”

Daniel Whitfield: “Arkansas third district house. Congressional office.My current “representative” is Steve Womack. Should call him “yes man Womack”.”

BC De Graff: “What’s your plan for your district?”

Daniel Whitfield: “I plan to vote to finance CHIP. I plan on helping the majority of Arkansans by voting not to cut Medicaid, Medicare, and social security. I also plan to help pass a single payer healthcare system that focuses on putting people over profits. I want to legalize marijuana both medicinally and recreationally so that Arkansas can benefit from the tax revenue that prohibition has prevented. I am also in a unique position as a candidate whose district includes Walmart and Tyson corporate headquarters. Did you know Walmart required its employees to work thanksgiving? Did you know they didn’t even pay them time and a half? Did you know Walmart paid 1.2% in taxes last year? What % did you pay? I know I pad around 30%. Agricultural subsidies were started in the 1930s by FDR to help small farms grow food to support a starving and broke America. Now 95% of subsidies go to corporations, not people. Did you know the agriculture industry made a record $50 billion last year? Funny how they also got $25 billion in subsidies. My main goal as the third district representative would be to give a voice to the people. With my platform my constituents will be able to vote on all issues and examine every bill before I vote. They can go online and see everything completely transparent, where their taxes are going, what bills are to be voted on and what’s included in them, then they can vote online and voice their opinions. I want to hold weekly town halls where I can meet and talk with constituents. Daily coffees, lunches, outdoor activities such as fishing. I want to spend a majority of my time listening to constituents concerns.”

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I would then ask him about the Primary Rigging:

BC De Graff: “ Do you think the Democratic Primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton last year?”

Daniel Whitfield: “Definitely. Last year the corruption in our democracy became apparent. We watched a truly great man that cares only about Americans get sidelined. A man that has been fighting for us for the last 30 years was going to be elected by the people for the people.

BC De Graff: “What inspired you to take action?”

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Daniel Whitfield: “Bernie gave a speech months ago telling us that the only way to regain America’s democracy is work together and by the millions run for local offices. I’m taking Honors National American Government in college and was given the assignment to read the Declaration of Independence. It had been over a decade since I looked at that document.. it literally tells us that when a government is acting as ours is it’s time to overthrow it and form a new government. The best non violent way to accomplish this and do as instructed by our founding fathers is to replace our corrupt, heavily bribed, congressmen. It’s scary how relevant the Declaration of Independence is to today’s government. I see where the oligarch is headed, and it’s not a future I want my daughter to grow up thinking the norm is okay. I want a better future for my daughter. I want her to have the right to pursue a life of happiness enjoying freedom. Our children are America’s future, let’s give them a future worth fighting for. Let’s give leave them a better country then we were left to inherit. All in all, Bernie is my inspiration. We don’t agree on everything, but he opened me eyes and made me want to make a difference.”

BC De Graff: “Well, I endorse you. I hope you’ll bring change to your district.”

Daniel Whitfield: “I do too, Arkansans sure need it! When 67% of births in Arkansas are covered by Medicaid, and it is the 49t poorest state, our “representatives” should NOT be cutting social programs to cut taxes for the rich and corporations”

Arkansas needs a Daniel Whitfield, someone who is relatable and down to earth with the average voter. A guy who supports real positive change and is inspired by a truly remarkable man, Bernie Sanders.

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