Samuel Ronan United States Air Force


Samuel Ronan, former candidate for the DNC chair and current candidate for position of Ohio Congress spent some time in Dayton, Ohio speaking out against bullying. “Who runs for office if they’ve been bullied their entire lives?” Samuel opened with a question, then followed it up with a reply, “Not enough people.”

“If you haven’t gone through the same experiences as the people you are going to represent, how can you represent them?” Samuel Ronan asked the live crowd. “When I was a little kid, one of the earliest memories I’ve have is getting made fun of on a School Bus, because my name is “Samuel” and it rhymes with mule.” Samuel then goes on to talk about his upbringing, “I was a German immigrant. I had barely been in this country for 2 years and could barely speak English at that time.” Samuel then began to cover the evolution of bullying, racism. “Then it became about me being a German. ‘Oh there’s a German right there, there’s a Nazi right there’ and so there was that ridicule,” Samuel Explained.
Samuel Ronan Speech at rally to Get Money Out of Politics, 2017, Foley Square, N.Y.

“You’d think it would go away in your High School and adult life, but then when you enlist, you would think: ‘Oh I can be proud of my German Heritage. I can be proud of the diversity that I entered into.” Ronan enlisted in the United States Air Force in 2009 and While stationed in Okinawa, Japan, he would earn an Associates degree in Applied Sciences. Ronan would later selected to be a Squadron level deployment monitor. In 2016, Ronan ran unopposed for District 62 of the Ohio House of Representatives. He would enter the General Election and lose to Republican Scott Lipps. Samuel Ronan is best known for speaking out against the DNC’s corruption and their shady money in politics routine and run for the DNC chair that Tom Perez would win.

“As an active member of service, who swore and oath to protect the country, It didn’t stop I still had to deal with it and it wouldn’t stop until I threatened to go to EO, Equal Opportunity” Samuel Explained. “Bullying doesn’t stop. There are people who just want to hurt others for whatever reason,” Samuel continued. “Or they think it’s good nature ripping. I wasn’t going to kill myself, but others might, and those are the ones we have to protect. Bullying is just as much of a problem as Depression. Depression is a result of bullying,” Sam when on to say. “So, how do we fix it? If I can go from a German Immigrant, going through High School, graduating and going into the United States Air Force, Running for the DNC chair and Running for United States Congress, than anyone here can do the same thing. It means that anyone can do the same thing. It means anyone can over come it. There’s living proof that it’s living and breathing all around us and it’s surrounding us every single day. Suicide is not the answer.”
Samuel Ronan would later explain why he took this stance, and brought awareness to this subject. “I can’t solve bullying, I can’t solve racism, intolerance or discrimination, if I could I would, but what we can do, we can set the stage for it. We can hold those people accountable. Why do let people like this into positions of power and authority? why do we allow teachers who are racist to teach? Why do we allow teachers to attack students and tell them to get over it?” Samuel Ronan would continue on, “Why do we allow Police officers who violate citizens rights to keep their jobs? Why do we allow politicians to pass Jim Crowe laws? Or to try and repeal the Dream Act? Why do we allow this to continue?” Samuel then explains to the crowd, “It starts at the top, because the people that have the authority and power should be held the most accountable.”

Samuel Ronan also made a monumental address of this insufferable behavior by stating: “As a Congressmen, I can purpose a bill that if there are teachers, if there are Principals or Gym Teachers, or Officers, if they’re not stepping in and preventing these things from happening, If they’re not treating children like children, if they’re not interacting with the students and preventing this from happening, they lose their jobs. I can guarantee if I didn’t do my job, I’d get fired.”

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