“Not only was the primary rigged, it was rigged all across the country because the DNC has never allowed outsiders or brand new people to rise through the ranks. It has always been an insider’s game It has been that way for a very, very long time. That is where that lack of trust is coming into play.”
-Samuel Ronan (February 23, 2017 on CNN)

By now, you either know who Samuel Ronan is, or you’re just finding out about him now. Samuel Ronan serves in the Air Force Reserve and is still currently active who was a Candidate for chairman of Democratic National Committee in 2017 and lost to Tom Perez, who until just recently denied what Samuel Ronan knew was all too true. That the Democratic Party rigged the Primary against Bernie Sanders.

“Because not only was Bernie Sanders snubbed, not only did it look like Hillary Clinton had fought or muscled her way into it, then those supporters were denied a chance to speak at the convention,and that was the final straw,” Ronan stated live on CNN February 23, 2017. Samuel supports Bernie Sanders and like many others, Samuel Ronan wants to get rid of money from politics in an effort to make elections fairer. I interviewed Samuel Ronan September, before his debate with Jon Lancelot. I asked him why he supports Bernie Sanders. “I support Bernie for the same reason others do: he is setting the stage for us to succeed. It is up to us to take it and run with it.”

Samuel was born in Germany in 1989. His father was in the US army and mother, a German dental assistant. In 2009, Ronan would graduate with honors at Lancaster High School in Ohio. Ronan ran for District 62 of the Ohio House of Representatives in 2016 and would lose to Republican Scott Lipps after running unopposed in the primary. Ronan’s political career was spent helping the under privileged as he supports an FDR style political platform where he supports $15 dollar an hour wages for all. He’s pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ and a strong supporter of Single Payer Healthcare. Ronan is against outsourcing jobs and if in favor of renewable energy and combating climate change. He’s Pro-Marijuana and believes in decriminalizing Marijuana offenses.

Ronan founded Our Voice in 2017, to give Progressives a vocal platform for Justice Democrats and Progressive Democrats who are trying to change the landscape of the political world and bringing Progressive Journalism into the lime light. Later, the site would receive it’s very own app.

In an earlier interview with the Gate, Ronan was asked “What sets him apart from the other candidates for DNC Chair?”

“The primary thing is, I’m talking about the hard truths and the unpopular realities that the party faces. A lot of us are disenfranchised. A lot of us are angry. A lot of us don’t trust the party anymore. Not a single candidate has had the courage to speak up and against the way the DNC has been operating. For instance, the only people who can vote for the executive committee are the 470 DNC members themselves, which precludes the millions of Democrats, or would-be Democrats, in deciding their own future and their own fate within the party,” Ronan Said.

With all of this, Samuel Ronan is becoming an instant success story. A real underdog tale for the ages. Samuel Ronan is the seemingly perfect candidate for the American Progressive and the American Democrat. His platform is virtually flawless and his following his the result of consistent success within his political views as Progressives are becoming the new liberals. The only real question, is what’s next for this bright young politician?