Just like the 2016 Primary election between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the stage was rigged in favor of the establishment candidate. Voters in 2016 found their names removed from the roll calls and unable to vote or would arrive at polling locations to discover that they were unable to vote because they were not registered to vote Democrat.

The 2018 New York Primary looked like a light version of what was seen in 2016. Many took to social media to document their frustrations and to document that real attack on democracy; voter suppression. Niko House would even tweet his disbelief regarding the outcome of the race. Cuomo’s recent failed campaign attack targeting Cynthia Nixon with smears of her being anti-semitic.

Cynthia Nixon, who identifies as a Democratic Socialist says Democrats don’t like Primaries and this is living proof. A Bernie Sanders Supporter went live outside of one polling station to express her outrage. Others tweeted out about the voter suppression notifying others that they were unable to complete a ballot cast. New York is badly neglecting election reform and allowing corruption to rule the ballots.

Even Jane Sanders addressed the familiarity of the situation. Back in 2016, New York purged nearly 200,000 votes and targeted Senator Bernie Sanders home of Brooklyn. Many went to twitter stating that they were given misinformation on the polling location details and hours.

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