“Our Earth is evolving with it’s destruction, the northern ice caps melt quickly, raising sea levels that could take out two major cities in California”

(What will eventually become of San Diego, California)

(10/16/2017 )

A problem that has occurred over the course of our existence is the rapid decline of the northern ice caps that could eventually cause uncontrollable climate change. Arctic Temperatures in 2016 were recorded at about 20C, which scientists in the climate science field call “off the charts”. This will gradually get worst for the United States if not addressed and corrected. The United States will see rising tides and higher sea-level rise in California.

“Until 2050, there are minor differences in sea-level rise projections based on greenhouse gas pollution scenarios. They diverge significantly past midcentury, the study said. It gave possible sea-level rise amounts looking at three California locations where there are tide gauges: Crescent City in northern California, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and La Jolla in San Diego.” — Anne C. Mulkern (Journalist at the Scientific American)
(What will eventually become of Las Angeles)

Science has proven how Carbon dioxide acts as a greenhouse gas, trapping heat in the earths atmosphere. We already know we need to reduce our carbon footprints. Science contribute this known fact for why the ice caps are melting. Our carbon footprint could mean another step towards the extinction of the planet. This also is why we have seen such and increase in weather as it becomes more extreme and we see more damage and deviation like we have with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria. NASA would eventually release photos and a live video of the changing of the Northern Ice caps.

“Globally it’s been the warmest year on record, that’s resulted in an earlier melt of the Arctic sea ice and an opening of the ocean. And so we’re on track for one of the lowest sea ice years on our satellite record and one of the lowest minimums which will reach in mid-September. As we’re losing the ice, as we’ve been seeing over the previous decades and especially in recent years, we’re replacing that with the dark ocean that absorbs all that energy and the ocean heats up and the whole Arctic heats up, and basically it’s like we’re opening up the refrigerator door so the Arctic’s cooling mechanism is becoming less and less efficient as we lose the sea ice.”
-Walt Meier (NASA scientist Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland)
(NASA Scientists explains how Antarctica is gaining ice and the northern ice caps are melting)

So, how long is it going to take to make more people aware of the impending doom that awaits California, who will likely be the state at most risk for the fall out of the ice caps melting. How long before political leaders around the world decide to be a part of the solution to start taking the time to come up with a way restore the ice caps, reducing our carbon footprint and save California from the rising seas tides.

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