Simple Truth: College Doesn’t Work.

This will be an ongoing part of our project on fixing education. I certainly won’t get to it all in this blog post. But let’s start here: Why College?

At the youthful age of 18, you get to choose a subject matter that you will be interested in for the rest of your life, agree to spend four years learning that subject matter with the hope of getting a paying job in it after graduation, and then take out a loan bigger than most mortgages to pay for all that learning.

None of it makes sense. Between the ages of 18 and today, I have changed my career 5 times and changed my mind about my career 232,546 times. Only one of the 5 careers, and only a few of the mind changes, were in or around my college major of Media Studies.

College, which at one point was simply one option, not the ONLY option, for a brighter future. Today, it is the next step, almost required after high school. Want to be successful? Better get a college degree.

But, does college actually lead to your ability to participate in the work force? Maybe. Accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects…there are certain professional careers that require higher education. But, instead of a place for future professionals to grow and develop their skills, the University System has become a place for confused 18–22 year olds to find themselves and explore things. A bad thing? No. But for $65,000/year, you should be able to do a lot more than explore your interests. Especially today when all of that information, for exploratory purposes only, is free.

College is a path to success. College is not the only path to success.