Hi Brandon!
Vincent Daranyi

Thanks Vincent. I’m glad the story resonates with you. I certainly expected responses like your friend’s as well. He brings up some good points about stuff I left off, ultimately, it was quite a long post to begin with, I started with it twice as long but felt it had to get cut so that the message wasn’t watered down. In particular, he is right, I did enjoy many moments of building my companies. We had great cultures and I worked with amazing people who I am still very close to. I am still starting companies but will do so consciously and knowing what I now know. More on that in future posts.

Ultimately, this was my first time writing about my personal story and tried to write what I felt. I understand that it won’t resonate with everyone and yes having made money seems to be something that people will focus on. I’ve felt guilty about having made money for a long time but my journey has taught me that life is too short for that. I worked extremely hard and know that that energy has and will all go back into something positive. I also can absolutely say that I’ve met many people on a similar journey to me and many of them have little to no financial resources. In Asia I met people that bussed tables for a year so they could save up to travel and do so on $25 a day. Ultimately, these are all limitations and stories we tell ourselves to keep doing what we’ve always been doing.

Thank your friend for me as I do love feedback and gives me some things to try to cover moving forward. I do find it a little humorous that in the same e-mail he is promoting an event for open-minded, non-judgemental and positive people. Hope that goes well as we certainly need more of that in the world!

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