Fix Time and Budget, Flex Scope.

An interesting concept I came across while reading “Getting Real” by the people at basecamp (37 signals) is the concept of when working on a project, keep the budget and date of launch or completion FIXED and non negotiable BUT if need be change the scope of the project. I was like “damn…there might actually be something to this…” so the next time you are struggling to complete something do not throw more money at the problem or even postpone the date. Just edit the scope of what you are trying to accomplish. You can always make edits down the line. This can really apply to anything, not just software development…That surprise party you’ve been planning, the book you are writing, or even this post. Just a thought.

incase you want to check out the post for yourself. they went into greater length..but I had to flex the scope of this post because I’m short on time.

Per Aspera