Fans of my Science Fiction books, the Star Guild Saga, have asked me in so many ways, “Where did you get the idea for Suficell Pods?”

Well, first off, if you haven’t picked up my series yet, then you wouldn’t even know the term, Suficell Pod. So, let me take a paragraph to dig into a Suficell Pod for a moment.

A Suficell Pod is a large pod that a person climbs into to regenerate their body, no matter the illness or disease. A Suficell Pod (in my books) matches the frequency of the ailment or disease using radio or photonic waves to disintegrate the envelope around the diseased cell, thus rendering it inactive or dead. Once the envelope collapses, the diseased cell washes out of the body, and when enough of these cells die, the disease or illness is gone. Since an illness or disease is a low frequency on the radio or photonic wave chart and doesn’t match the higher frequencies of an organ, bone, or muscle, the rest of the body remains intact and returns to its peak performance level.

How did I come up with this idea?

It’s something that already exists today and something that I have first hand knowledge and experience with. Although, the device is much, much smaller than a pod.

The Rife Machine.

In 2009, an elderly client of mine (83 years old) was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She was given two weeks left to live and was allowed to go home and die peacefully with her family by her side. It had been a few months since I had seen her, and when I received the phone call that my client was diagnosed with cancer and wished to see me a few more times and experience my therapy before she passed (I’m a Sports Therapist as well as an Author), I was Johnny on the Spot and made sure to clear my schedule to see her a last few times.

When I arrived, I remember thinking that I had never seen a person so skinny. She was literally skin and bones. A few months prior she was an active woman with healthy muscle tissue and good complexion, however, the cancer, chemo, and radiation had worn her body to almost nothing. She was sad, waiting for the inevitable and when I first placed my therapeutic hands on her, she immediately relaxed. Nonetheless, throughout the session, she would reach for her bucket and throw up blood and what little food was left in her tummy.

After the session had ended, I packed up my gear and wished her a farewell, telling her I’ll see her soon for her next session. On the way out, I ran into her daughter.

“I purchased a Rife Machine for my mom.” Her daughter’s name was Diana, and she had tears in her eyes.

We had talked about a Rife Machine before and many years ago I had seen one in action — a small metallic box, the width of two bricks and the height of one, with buttons that resembled a phone keypad. On each end of the box — the right side and the left side — were a wires coming out, attaching to a silver, metallic handle. Since the frequency was delivered through the handles, the subject would hold each handle for the duration of a half an hour long or hour long Rife Machine treatment. The handles weren’t at all comfortable to hold, as a slight vibration and electrical current ran through them and into the subject’s hands and up the subject’s forearms.

During the years that Rife had studied cancer and other diseases, he had created the world’s most powerful microscope, a microscope that is in the Smithsonian to this day. With that microscope, he was able to observe microbes, cancer cells, and many other diseased microorganisms. Apparently, during his research days, he had heard about an opera singer that could sing at a certain pitch that matched the exact pitch and frequency of a mirror and because it was at the same pitch and frequency of a mirror, the mirror would shatter.

He then had an idea. What if he matched the frequency of a cancer cell or a typhoid cell or a measles cell? What would happen? Theoretically, the cell membranes would devitalize and break apart much like the mirror did when the opera singer matched the mirror’s frequency and pitch.

He gave it a try and after many long hours in the lab, he found the exact frequencies of the cells, matched them with high radio frequencies, and just like that, the cell membranes around the cell would disintegrate and the stuff inside the cell membrane would ooze out like water gushing from a broken damn.

Back then, the Mayo Institute got wind of this and, as documented in old black and white videos and audios, they had Rife conduct experiments on 3rd and 4th stage cancer patients. He used his machine and after a week or two, the cancer patients no longer had cancer.

If you want more information on this, you can find old newspaper articles on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife dating back to the 1920’s and 1930’s all over the internet. Also, plenty of documentaries on this doctor swarm Youtube, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding more information on him.

So, here I am chatting with Diana, my elderly client’s daughter, and she says, “I’ve purchased a Rife Machine and it will be here soon. I just hope it gets here before my mom dies.”

Like many children, the love for her parent outweighed logic, and even though medicine and the American Medical Association didn’t look at the Rife Machine as a viable option to treating disease, Diana didn’t want her mother to die and would do anything to keep hope alive.

Fast forward to one week later.

Diana’s mother, my 83 year old client, no longer had cancer. The doctor’s ended up labeling her as “spontaneous remission”.

So, when I arrived to see my 83 year old client the next week, I could see that she was gaining weight, her skin tone had changed, and she was embarrassed by her lack of hair — telling me she was back to her old self-conscious self. She was no longer throwing up and was able to receive my therapeutic session without moaning from stomach pain.

“How did this happen?” I asked Diana shortly after working on her mom.

“We used the Rife Machine on her the day that it arrived,” she replied. “We noticed a little bit of a difference, so the next day we took her to the doctors and found that her white blood cell count had risen. We decided to use the Rife Machine the next day, and then back to the doctors we went to find that her cancer was diminishing and her white blood cells were increasing. We did this over and over until they couldn’t detect anymore cancer.”

That night I started researching Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. Within the next several months, my parents had purchased a Rife Machine and two of my clients — just in case they needed it — purchased the machines, as well.

Then, where there is good news, there can sometimes be challenging news.

The person (let’s call him Bob) who created this particular Rife Machine from old Rife blueprints and patents, and in turn sold them, eventually went to prison for thirty plus years. Why? Well, the FDA found out about him and told him that it was against the law to market a Rife Machine in a way that stated it has the ability to cure diseases.

Bob didn’t like that.

He decided to take a stand against the FDA, saying that the Rife Machine and/or Frequency Devices created in the same way and with the same frequencies as Dr. Royal Raymond Rife used, did in fact cure diseases, including cancer. And, not to be outdone, he refused to remove any packaging or labeling that said that his machine worked and cured diseases.

His stand, although brave and bold, didn’t convince the FDA and they took him to court, locking him up behind bars for probably the rest of his days.

What sucks for Bob may be a blessing in disguise for the rest of humanity. Although Bob is in prison, he maintains that the Rife Machine does and will cure disease — all disease. Maybe his bold actions, if this technology continues to develop, may actually be the next step in medicine’s evolution, and what may be incredible science, healing, and medicine in the Star Guild Saga with Rife inspired Suficell Pods, may some day be in every home across the nation and the world.

We’ll see.

Thank you for reading…

Brandon Ellis