Proactive Diversity & Inclusion: Don’t Let Diversity Blunders Affect Your Organization

So you accidentally called a location “ghetto,” maybe you’ve publicly stated, “they need to speak better English,” unintentionally assigned all of your team’s ‘housework activities’ to a woman on the team, or if you’re like a good number of companies out there — you’re not making the progress you expected as it relates to diversity & inclusion.

Diversity blunders happen all of the time some subtle between colleagues and some are overt and affect an entire organization. Think of Starbucks, Airbnb, Uber, Google, or Nike. More often than not, companies are having to react to incidents to save company perception and financial returns.

Proactive D&I improves the top line, reactive measures in D&I hurt the bottom line.

It has been proven that diverse and inclusive teams are more creative, more innovative, and can solve tough problems faster and more efficiently. McKinsey’s Delivering through diversity study has shown…..

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